5 Best Smart Lights for Home in India

5 Best smart lights for home in India. We are too tired to get out of our beds and switch off the lights, not to forget we’re scared of the ghosts under the bed. But the journey of walking from the switchboard to the bed is a real task, if not the worst. Smart LED lights are our companion and saviour in such times.

In this post, we are going to talk about 5 Best smart lights for home in India, catch us after the jump!

Best Smart Lights for Home in India

Why Smart LED lights?

Now this question would have probably popped up in your mind.

Well, Smart LED lights are much safer than our regular incandescent bulbs. LED reduces the risks of combustion and burning. We can give you several reasons for switching over to Smart Lighting:

  • Energy and Safety:

Smart LED lights use lesser electricity to light a room, as compared to incandescent bulbs. They are made of epoxy lenses that are less likely to break and reduce combustion. They also have a longer life span in comparison. That’s a win-win.

  • Controls at your comfort:

We love it when things are as per our convenience and accessible. It’s better when the controls are at our fingertips or even better, just voice commands.

Smart LED lights are accessed through an application that can be only installed on our phones (Android and iOS). And Voila! You are now the one who controls the lighting.

These lights are compatible with your voice-controlled personal assistant devices.

Just enable voice controls on the app, and you’re done. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? It is a useful feature for the elderly.

  • Sweet Sleep:

You can control the brightness of the light as per your preference. An LED flashlight has cooler light intensity than a standard light/bulb.

We hate it when someone suddenly switches the bright tube-light on, while we are fast asleep. Not only it hurts our eyes but also affects our sleep.

With smart LED lights, you can dim them as per your comfort, to not strain your eyes. It can be done through the app. It comes with an in-built feature which automatically changes the mode to dim when you sleep.

These bulbs give us the comfort of sunrise or sunset to soothe us. And boom! You get your healthy and natural beauty sleep without having to set up alarms or getting your eyes hurt.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity:

These Smart Lights can be paired up with a Wi-Fi connection (modem frequency of 2.4 GHz). That way, you can control the lights quickly.

  • Up your Party Game:

The smart LED bulb you choose can change colours. All you need to do is buy one multicolour bright light.

Colours change as music plays. We don’t have to go out anymore to have party fun.

  • Pocket Friendly:

With more advantages and features comes the tension of the price but that’s also sorted.

There are many Smart LED lights and bulbs which are affordable and cheap but no compromises with the quality.

Though the costs can be different from a standard LED light, but we must not let go of our comfort.




best Smart LED lights for home in India
best Smart LED lights for home in India
best Smart LED lights for home in India
best Smart LED lights for home in India
best Smart LED lights for home in India

How to choose the best Smart LED lights for home in India?

Being hyped about the features is fine, but we don’t want to choose wrong and ruin our experience of the product. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind before buying one of the lights.

  • Don’t compromise on the quality of the light. Check it beforehand whether the Smart Bulbs are as bright as it claims. If it is a multicolour light bulb, do check whether they’re of the proper and convenient usage.
  • Test the Bulb! We mean it. Check the bulb after proper intervals of time. Measure its brightness after 100 hours of usage or so on. If it stays bright as it was before, then it is of supreme quality else bring it to the notice of the manufacturer.
  • If the bulb seems to fade with time and appears dim, it is better to replace it. Why? Because it’s worse to live in a dimly lit room and there are chances of the bulb blowing off.
  • Check your bulb. Before buying one, do proper research about it from the internet or an experienced person. If the score of the lamp is low, do not risk buying it.
  • Test the usability of the app to see whether it is at par with the smartness of the bulb. Check whether it is easy-to-use as it claims. Because the functions are involved, then there’s no advantage of having a Smart Light.
  • Make sure that the controlling app you use is secure and protected. An unsecured app is enough for the hackers to hack into your data and steal it. Protect your Wi-Fi and other data connections from any malware, if the app asks you for unnecessary permissions don’t take risks.

There are over hundreds and thousands of Smart LED Lights in the market. It’s a hectic task to check which would suit our needs and bring us comfort.

Here’s a list of few shortlisted the best smart lights for home in India to level up your home décor and bring in the future.

5 Best Smart Lights for Home in India 2021:

TP-Link LB110 Wi-Fi SmartLight:

TP Link LB110 3

This Smart LED Bulb by TP-Link is available in 5 different style variations.

It is compatible to be paired with devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

It can be controlled through ‘Kasa app’ (iOS, Android).  The wattage of the bulb is 10W. The product can be paired with a Wi-Fi connection.

TP-link guarantees that this product saves up to 80% energy as compared to other bulbs and you can also track the energy used by it, day-to-day.

Wipro Garnet Smart Light

Wipro Garnet 2

This efficient light bulb by Wipro is newly launched. It is as much practical as it looks like and is very pocket-friendly. Wipro is the leader of manufacturing the best smart lights bulbs in India.

Like its competitor, Wipro Garnet too comes in 5 different style variations and over seven various patterns.

They are all different in power, usage and colour intensity. Its voice controlling feature is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The bulb’s wattage is 12W. The best part is, you get to choose from 16Million different colour tones and 12.5 RGB styles just with a click. If you install the ‘Wipro Smart Home’ App, you can create your desired scene and also control the Smart Light with a timer.

Syska Smart LED Bulb

Syska 2

Syska is no doubt the leading producer of Smart Light Bulbs in the Indian market and brings the perfect shine to brighten up your home décor.

This Smart Bulb is only compatible with Amazon Alexa’s voice command and works well with a regular (2.4 GHz) Wi-Fi router.

Just like its competitor “Wipro”, Syska too has 16 million colour tones. The warranty offered by this bulb is two years.

The wattage is 7W, and the Smart LED bulb has a life span of 25000 hours.

A bulb can’t move from its position, but you can control this smart light from any corner of the world just with a click.

This smart bulb gives you the power to pick and change colours, using your camera or just a photograph. So no need to bang your head finding the perfect light shade you saw in that vacation photo of yours!

Through Syska Smart Home App (iOS, Android), you can change the mood of the lighting to avoid eye-strain during work-from-home, studying, etc.

There would be no need to fight over who own the controls because every family member can, just by making a group on the app.

Halonix Prime Prizm Smart LED Bulb

Halonix Prime Prizm Smart LED Bulb 1 2

Halonix Prime Prizm adds up to the list of the best Smart LED lights available. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa with voice controlling in 2 languages- Hindi & English.

It also works well with Google Assistant. Unlike its competitor, Halonix Smart Bulb has only two different style variations.

One of the specialities is you can connect multiple bulbs using your Wi-Fi connection to create the perfect mood.

The wattage is 12W.To control and arrange dim schedule; all you need to do is download the Halonix Wi-Fi app from Play Store or Apple Store.

Philips Hue E27 Smart Bulb

Philiphs Hue Smart Blub 2

Philips has built its reputation for over a century in being the most reliable and trustworthy brand in the country. It is an elite in the making of bulbs and lights. ‘Old is Gold’.

It has a wattage of 9.5 W. Philips Hue Smart LED bulb is compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit and much other voice commanding features you can’t even think of.

Philips Hue LED Smart bulb is way different than its competitors.

It has more than just being connected and controlled via Wi-Fi. It comes with its wireless lighting system “Philips Hue” which gives you the controls of its lighting.

The Hue bulbs come in 2 ranges- White and Colour ambience.

You must feel that this light bulb is too relaxing and you won’t even feel like waking up from sleep after it dims. But there is some more fun.

With Philips Hue, you can set up an alarm, receive notifications and event reminders. So you’ll never miss any Yoga session.

Apart from these, there’s a wide range of many other Smart LED lights you can simply buy from Amazon.

It does improve your living and home décor. You can choose your Smart Light based on the price, your taste, warranty period, wattage, reviews and many other characteristics.

‘Home is where the happiness is’ and we all want a cosy, little happy place of our own. We leave no stone unturned in doing our best to brighten up our homes.

Happiness is synonymous with comfort. Throughout the years and decades, we must have only imagined about controlling our surroundings with just a command of our voice.

But that’s the reality now, and it is possible thanks to the innovation of best smart lights for home in India.

We would have thought only God could control the lights with a voice, but NO. Now we humans can, too.  Smart lighting makes us all-powerful.

Information on Best Smart Lights for home in India 2021:

Smart lighting for homes is a part of technology where you can control the light of your home, apartment through an app that could be downloaded on your Apple or Android phones.

This app not only enables to change and adjust the brightness of the light but also change colours (only if the LED smart light is compatible with colour changing tech) and experiment with various colour tones at the same time.

Just like you use multiple filters of a photo to adjust to the view, you can change the lighting mode for various activities- dinnertime, movies, studying, work, reading and sleeping. As simple as that, isn’t it?

Smart Lights are compatible with voice-activated personal assistant devices like- Amazon Alexa/Echo, Google Assistant/ Google Home, Apple Homekit, Siri, Cortana, etc.

Installing and networking these smart lights would seem like a Herculean task, but it’s not! It is as simple as setting up a Bluetooth device!

There is no need of calling an electrician to set them up because you can do it yourself.

All you have to do is learn about the mesh networking about these smart lights (available through the apps), plug the hub into your Wi-Fi router, which enables our phones and tablets to communicate and access the controls of the smart light bulbs.

Very few Smart lights come with additional accessories like motion detectors, switches.

There are three different kinds of smart light bulbs available- standard bulbs, candle bulbs and spotlights.

But you can always choose them according to your preferences. They can be white or colour changing type.

Smart lighting does sound fun, and the kids and the elderly would love it. Buy yours soon from below best smart lights for home in India link.




best Smart LED lights for home in India
best Smart LED lights for home in India
best Smart LED lights for home in India
best Smart LED lights for home in India
best Smart LED lights for home in India

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