Around the ruins of Reichenbach castle

Around the ruins of Reichenbach castle


Around the ruins of Reichenbach castle

Sometimes you move just a few miles from built-up areas and feel like you’re in strange worlds, forgotten times, or even another dimension. This is what happened with the hike that we would like to introduce to you today: The loop destination, Reichenbach Castle.

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Reichenbach Castle is located just four kilometers from the city center of Hessisch Lichtenau, two kilometers each from Reichenbach to the east-south-east and Retterode to the west. And yet, when we got to the Schlossberg building, we felt like we had landed in another world.

This impression was certainly created because we decided to start early in the morning: a day that promised sun but was still deep in the fog offered the best conditions – and a premium trail in the “Frau-Holle-Land”. The starting point was a hiker’s parking lot, where hikers are greeted by an information board that describes the peculiarities of the FFH Reichenbacher Kalkberge area and gives an overview of the hiking route. Right in front of the first sign – almost nothing could go wrong with orientation.

Here is the key data:

Length: 10.5 kilometers Duration: 2.5 hours

We first followed a path between fields and enclosures to a wooded area. The mood changed suddenly: the leaves on the trees seemed strangely dull, the trunks darker, the air humid but pleasantly cool. Every now and then there was the opportunity to marvel at small wonders of nature: cobwebs between the branches, tree formations that looked like figures geometrically arranged in a painting, stones that appeared to be wrapped in a pillowcase – they were just covered in foam.

So we only hiked the forest for about two kilometers before reaching the castle complex, which was to be the hiking destination today, and still felt like we had left the everyday world.

High up to enjoy the green view.

And suddenly, a tower rose up in the fog – an unreal image. Entrance is permitted, so we took the opportunity to take a look at the scenery from above – despite limited visibility. When visibility is good you can see the northwest of Lossetal to the Kaufunger Wald, the northeast valleys of Hollsteine ​​and Wehre zum Hohen Meißner, the Vockebachtal to the Eisberg and the Essebachtal up to Himmelsberg in the Melsunger Bergland, among other things to be read on the Internet. The seats allowed us to take a comfortable short rest while we learned about the castle and the view.

The path, which by the way could also be extended, went through a forest staircase through the forest – and to a section of the path that shows artefacts from Ars Natura, an art exhibit in nature. Again and again views of the landscape were possible until we finally reached Reichenbach, where another circular route would also be possible: the “Reichenbacher Moments”.

The information panel gives a glimpse of the past.

After the monastery church with historic tombs and a Hildegard von Bingen garden, the path took us on a steep mountain path from which a wonderful view of the place is possible. It was worth stopping and turning around before heading back to the starting point.

Tip: Reichenbach Castle

From 750 to 1219, the fortified mountain probably belonged to a branch of the Counts Gozmar, who built a castle there in the middle of the 11th century and called themselves Counts von Reichenbach from 1089 ”, one can read about Reichenbach Castle . It is said that it was inhabited until 1490, after which the building was used as a tithe barn until 1540. It was destroyed around 1550 by order of Emperor Charles V after the Schmalkaldic War, without towers have been affected. In 1820, the south-eastern tower collapsed, so that only one of the structures remained, which was extended as a watchtower from 1899 to 1901 and inaugurated as such on July 21, 1901. In addition to the keep , remains of the shield wall and a small and large ditch of the pass have been preserved. Today, an association of the castle takes care of the maintenance of the complex.

The entrance to Reichenbach Castle.

Tip: big stones

The Big Stones are a group of dolomite rocks designated as a natural monument near Reichenbach. You are at the northern edge of the Stölzinger Mountains, about a kilometer and a half south-east of Reichenbach. The natural monument, located in a wooded area, is accessible by the Barberousse hiking trail. The large stones are said to be a prehistoric place of worship – according to legend, a giant threw them there.

Tip: “Pfiffikus” nature adventure trail

In 2003, near the “Maison des jeunes” in Reichenbach, a nature trail was created, on which children and young people in particular have the opportunity to discover nature with all their senses. “In 15 stations over a length of nearly three kilometers, there is nature to touch: Touch, hear, smell and understand”, we read on the website of the Maison de la Jeunesse. Instead of long texts, the concept “Pfiffikus” provides for active stations, which are identified by the logo of the path, the mouse “Pfiffikus”. There is an accompanying brochure in the Haus der Jugend. It is also available for download online:

Address: Große-Steine-Weg 10, 37235 Hessisch Lichtenau

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