Baby Play Mats India 2021

Baby Play Mats India 2021. We know parenting is a tough task, being well informed and alert is always needed. As we see our baby growing, we care for each possible thing that makes them comfortable. Baby play mats in India protect little one against any unexpected fall.

As, they are made of high-quality foam and provides a cushion for baby while playing, walking, crawling. These foam mats make their learning comfortable and enjoyable.

When they start to learn new habits like crawling, walking, we look for a safe and clean environment where they can grow, and this is when we need a play mat rises.

There are few things a user must keep in mind before finalizing a playmat for baby. These things usually consist of different factors that make the play mat purchase worth.

Here are the five crucial factors to keep in mind before purchasing baby play mats India.

  1. Material:

Material is one of the most important factors an individual should consider while narrowing down the play mat search.

The playmats are made up of different materials like foam, organic, etc.  Foam or EVM (ethylene vinyl acetate) are harmless & are considered safe for kids.

Play Mat foam doesn’t give any bad odor and is comfortable when compared to organic play mats as they are available in different sizes, which makes the carpet long-lasting.

If you want to go for an organic option, then in India, we have minimum options, the thickness offered by organic mats is not much.

  1. Comfort:

The comfort of a play mat comes with the build quality. If the build quality of the rug is right, then it will last long. The convenience offered by a baby play mat depends upon the thickness of the carpet as well.

If you will go for a mat that offers good padding, then it will last longer and will give excellent comfort to the baby.

  1. Thickness:

The thickness of the playmat is another crucial factor that ensures that the baby will not face any issue while playing or jumping on it.

The height of the playmat should be good enough to handle all bumps like walking, jumping, or doing any other activity on it, and it should not bend or compress enough to cause any harm.

  1. Design:

Baby play mats are available in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are printed with numbers or alphabet; some will have zig-zag puzzles or riddles.

Few play mats also come with fences, which is very useful to protect a child and surrounding near them, as the wall will be high enough, which sure there would not be any problem when your little one is playing.

  1. Price:

All the above factors together make the price of the product, playmats for babies are available in the different price ranges.

The price of play mats depends upon various factors like design, thickness, features, and durability, and parents should always choose the one that comes under their budget and offers decent value for money.

If you are confused with options available online for baby play mats and which one you should buy, then don’t worry.

Below is a list of our own researched and best-picked play mats that are safe and budget-friendly.

Top 5 Baby Play Mats India 2021:




Baby Play Mats India 2021
Baby Play Mats India 2021
Baby Play Mats India 2021
Baby Play Mats India 2021
Baby Play Mats India 2021
  1. Easyhome Kid’s Interlocking Baby Play Mats:
Baby Play Mats India 2021

Easyhome interlocking play mats are one of the bestselling play mats available on Amazon. This baby mat comes in 12mm thickness and offers eight sets of tiles in 60×60 cm measurement.

This is an interlocking play mat for baby, which means all the mats used can be locked together to make a rectangular shape and won’t slide out.

The benefit of using an interlocking mat is it assures that they won’t slide out, thus provides good grip over the shape, protects the spine, hips, knees, and elbows.

This interlocking mat is made using an EVA foam, which is kid-safe and has no bad smell.

Features of EVA Interlocking Play Mat are:

  • Can be used as playing mat
  • It can be used at home for exercise, as a yoga mat.
  1. RYLAN Double Sided Waterproof Baby Play Mats:
Baby Play Mats India 2021

RYLAN Baby play mat comes with colorful waterproof design, which is ideal for a newborn who started crawling, the print on the playmat attracts kids, and those bright color graphics helps improve hand and eye co-ordination.

It offers a double-side use feature, comes with 0.2inch thickness, is waterproof and ideal for newborn, or can be used during outdoor picnic & camping.

  1. Skyloft’s Waterproof Double Side Baby Play Crawl Floor Mat:
Baby Play Mats India 2021

Skyloft is also a waterproof double-sided play mat designed for newborns. Ideal for newborn or during outdoor picnic or camping.

The playmat is available in many different shapes and sizes and offers many vibrant colors.

The print of the playmat consists of numbers, alphabet, trees, and fruits that make it attractive and enjoyable to kids.

  1. Owme Waterproof Large Size Double Side Play Mats with Zip Bag:
Baby Play Mats India 2021

Owme waterproof play mats are another great product available in the market. It is made up of high quality and soft material, which makes the product durable.

It comes with features like reversible design, anti-skid, lightweight, and colorful pattern that makes this product stand out of the rest.

The playmat can absorb any bumps, noise, or impact which may occur while your kid is playing. The built quality of these types of baby play mats India 2021 can handles everything well.

  1. FunBlast Interlocking Mini Puzzle Baby Play Mats:
Baby Play Mats India 2021

The last product in our baby play mats India list is from FunBlast, and this is an interlocking anti-skid play mat which comes in different color combination.

A total of 36 pieces of the block is available in 0.5 cm thickness. This playmat can also be used as a fence using mat blocks, or to construct building blocks.

The playmat comes printed with the alphabet from A to Z and numbers from (0-9) in colorful design and is ideal for kids age 3+ years.

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FAQ’s on Baby Play Mats India 2021:

What are Baby Play Mats?

Baby play mats are padded EVA foam or cotton-based mats designed for babies to enjoy playing or learning.

These playmats are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Some offer foldable design; others offer rollover design.

Types of Baby Play Mats:

Playmats are used for a variety of purposes like feeding, tummy time, playing, or just relaxing.

Based on these use cases, play mats are mostly available in ten categories, which start from puzzle mats, activity gym, tummy time playmats, quilted, fold, and many more.

Benefits of Play Mats:

Playmats protect kids from any collision or fall while playing; it also helps boost vital development and simulation.

When to start using Play Mats?

Playmats can be used as soon baby starts to crawl and want to move and explore things around.

Crawling or walking on play mats is safe and worry-free as due to excellent build quality of playmats, it protects small ones safe and secure while exploring the world around.

How to maintain Play Mats?

Playmats can be cleaned using mild detergent and water as they are made of foam. Even those waterproof play mats can also be washed similarly to keep play mat clean.

Conclusion on Baby Play Mats India 2021:

Baby Play Mats India 2021 is one of the best-discovered items in the world, as it is developed and designed by taking small factors in mind.

If you are looking for one such baby play mats India 2021 for your loved one, then look no further and pick one that suits your need from the below link.

If you need help to decide the best baby play mats, then do leave your comments down below also, drop us an email using the contact us page.




Baby Play Mats India 2021
Baby Play Mats India 2021
Baby Play Mats India 2021
Baby Play Mats India 2021
Baby Play Mats India 2021

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