Berlin Police Investigate ‘Havana Syndrome’ Illnesses at US Embassy

Berlin Police Investigate Havana Syndrome Illnesses at US Embassy

The investigation, which Berlin city authorities confirmed to Der Spiegel last week, comes after at least two embassy staff reported symptoms that correspond to the so-called Havana Syndrome, an unexplained illness that has affected American diplomats and spies across the globe since 2016.

The US Embassy reportedly turned over evidence to the Berlin State Detective Agency.

The first cases were reported in Havana, the Cuban capital, where dozens of diplomats said they suffered from nausea and headaches. Since then, cases have been reported in Vienna, Moscow and Singapore.

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US officials suspect the disease is caused by a sophisticated attack using concentrated microwaves.

The fact that many concerned diplomats and CIA agents were working on Russian affairs has led them to believe that Moscow is somehow involved – an accusation the Kremlin denies.

Regarding this so-called “syndrome”, US President Joe Biden has promised to find out “the cause and who is responsible”.

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