Best Backpacks for Photographers 2020

An efficient photographer is always well-equipped and ready to shoot whenever something interesting comes in their way. And why not? It’s an honorable profession, after all. Therefore, in today’s post we are going to cover top 5 best backpacks for photographers.

Such dedication deserves nothing more but support which is provided by whatever which makes the life of a photographer easy. They carry heavily weighted gears to shoot outdoors, and good-quality backpack with compartments is the best thing ever to happen.

The best backpacks under $100 and other price ranges make it easier for the eminent photographers to carry their photography gear with much ease.

Moving ahead with it, let’s check up on some of the interesting questions about the same topic.

How to choose the perfect backpack for photography?

Irrespective of what type of photography field you are in ranging from portraits, landscape or even wildlife the photography gear is like a treasure for all the photographers in all parts of the world.

A reliable backpack comes with strong and wide straps which perfectly balance the weight in the backpack and make it comfortable for you to carry it around.

For all the hiking photographers, who cross rivers and scale mountains to get the perfect capture a strong protection layer for the camera equipment with some extra compartment space and waterproof material is a perfect choice.

The camera backpack needs to be durable and be of high-quality.

Hard-working photography knows the pain of carrying the tripod with the camera around your neck and other tools which won’t fit in a regular backpack. The fear of expensive equipment getting damaged is much worse.

A backpack made explicitly by keeping photographers in mind is nothing more than comfort heaven, which is a must buy.

A photography backpack comes with good handling, straps for better grips and safety, extra space for the equipment (also a laptop), water bottle, gears such as lenses and even a tripod stand.

The height also differs depending on each model.




Best Backpacks for photographers
Best Backpacks for photographers
Best Backpacks for photographers
Best Backpacks for photographers
Best Backpacks for photographers

What factors to keep in mind before buying the best photography backpack for hiking?

The first and foremost rule to buying a photography backpack is to make sure that it has enough space to carry your gear and other important personal stuff of yours.

  • Size:-

The prominent feature to look for is the size offered by the backpack. Being compact is cozy, but the best backpack for photographers should be good enough in size to handle lenses, tripod stand, some memory devices (hard disks, SD card) and probably a laptop.

It would be better if there is enough space to accommodate a 17-inch laptop and an extra compartment to carry essential documents too. They might be needed if doing outdoor photography over a long period.

The sizes of the backpacks are usually measured in liters. So, before buying check its capacity and whether or not it goes along with your travelling needs. A more over-sized backpack might sound like a burden to carry, but it will prove to be an investment in the long run.

Not to forget a larger backpack will also ease the burden of having to carry around another bag for your stuff while travelling.

  • Weight:-

The main reason to buy the best backpack for photographers is- it can carry around heavy equipment with ease.

But the gear of a photographer keeps changing according to their needs. They might need to carry extra lights and lenses when the time arises.

A backpack should be accommodating enough to bear the weight of any equipment.

There are many backpacks which offer expandable space which one can easily open up and use to distribute the weight correctly. This will help in the proper utilization of all the space but can support the weight too.

  • Comfort:-

Never to forget we are trying to look for the affordable most backpack for photographers so that they can carry their equipment with ease.

It should not be a burden to them but rather an asset. The straps are an essential part of a backpack if they feel like a feather on your shoulder then you’re all sorted. 

The padding of the straps helps them in evenly distribution of the weight on your back without many efforts.

  • Weatherproofing:-

The best backpack for hiking needs to b sturdy enough to go through any hassles and unpredicted weather conditions. Moreover, it needs a weather-proof protective layer which keeps the material from wearing off.

In case of heavy rains, the backpack should protect the rainwater from entering the compartment with a rain cover. The zippers should also have sealed to protect any dust or residue from settling on top of it.

  • Access:-

The struggles faced by a photographer are lesser known to the world. One doesn’t know for how long a camera handler needs to focus on its subject for the perfect capture.

In situations like these, they may have to change the lenses and maybe pull out their tripod at any given moment.

A backpack should come handy and let the photographer grab the needed equipment smoothly than having to take off the bag and find for it.

In simpler words, a hands-on backpack is the most preferred product over any regular backpack available.

  • Material and build of the backpack:-

The maintenance of the bag is dependent on the making and the wear and tear of the bag.

A backpacker photographer doesn’t have much time for looking after his bag and tidying up now and then. He looks for a backpack which is vital.

The backpack should be ready to go through any rough situation and mishandling too.

Usually, backpacks appropriate for hiking are made of Canvas since its material offers resistance and durability.

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Now, let’s discuss some of the best backpacks for photographers available on Amazon and picked by us (price low to high) as recommendations.

Manfrotto MB SB390-5BB VELOCE V Backpack

Best Backpacks for photographers

We are starting the list with the wonder of a product named Manfrotto MB, which is one of the cheapest backpacks for photographers available anywhere.

This compact backpack promises to hold all the camera gear inside and outside the bag with extra space which makes up for the padded laptop sleeve. This space can easily accommodate a 15.4″ laptop.

You don’t have to worry about your laptop while you’re busy hiking since the padding can tolerate any bumps overcoming you.

This backpack can hold a tripod stand within its specially designed tripod compartment easily without having to worry about it popping out while hiking.

It also guarantees to fit up to 2 additional lenses and flash accessories. The material of the bag isn’t too durable to be trusted, so it is more suitable for short-term use and not for heavy-duty travelling and hiking.

Another disadvantage is the zipper slides down to be closed. It doesn’t give that quick access to your gear when you need it the most.

Suppose you are a person who likes organizing their stuff and keeping the gear as per their need. Then this backpack is a perfect choice.

It has partitioned compartments for you to organize your stuff neatly. It is one of the light-weight and appropriate to be carried on short hiking trips.

Lowepro ProTactic Camera & Laptop Backpack

Lowepro ProTactic Camera & Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a sturdy product with guaranteed comfort, then Lowepro ProTactic Camera Backpack is the perfect match for all your needs.

At a comparatively affordable price you get, a well-designed backpack made for your rough and high-edged photoshoot trips.

As per its description, this product offers modular accessories like a water bottle pouch, an accessory case, tripod cup and two cinch straps. Not to worry about their protection since they’re all secure with Slip Lock.

It guarantees excellent support when you need near the waist and shoulder. It reminds us that the air vented straps along the shoulder make it easy for this backpack to carry around.

It not only distributes the weight evenly but also helps in getting rid of all the sweat. The bag is spacious enough to carry up to 1-2 DSLRs at one time along with eight lenses, tripod, speed lights, etc.

The main thing to remember it has a special compartment dedicated to storing your laptop securely.

And quick access… there are few quick access outlets in the bag placed where you can store important stuff which you think will be handy during the shoot.

Think Tank Photo Streetwalker Backpack

Think Tank Photo Streetwalker Pro min

A professional photographer can easily distinguish and choose between which angle is perfect for the captured photo and which is not. Similarly, Think Tank Backpack is the best choice of a backpack for photographers.

With comfort being the uttermost important priority, spaciousness is another aspect guaranteed by this product.

The padded shoulder straps make sure that the handler doesn’t have to deal with a lot of pressure and to prick on their long trip.

For tripod handling, there is a unique mount located in the front with a special tripod cup for proper placing. Despite having a slim-contoured body, this backpack has massive storage capability.

It can hold up to 2 DSLRs, 4-5 zoom lenses, flashes a 10″ tablet and whatnot. It is a good match made for all the photography enthusiasts.

This bag is made from the best of materials available in the market with PU foam and RC fuse zippers. It is a long-lasting product and the best travel partner if you are looking for going around abroad or rather any place on the earth with this backpack.

The durability of the backpack is commendable. This product is the best worth of your money.

Lowepro Freeline Camera Backpack

Lowepro Freeline Camera Backpack min

LowePro has time and again proved its worth in the market and its second entry in the list doesn’t surprise us, that’s why. Don’t let its compact design fool you, because this miniature looking product has the power to hold good-sized products.

We are starting with the material this backpack is made of high-grade Nylon which is meant to last for long and is also waterproof. So, yes to the monsoon photoshoots.

The ActivZone back panel on the backpack gives the needed comfort to the user at given times.

Along with quick access outlet on two sides, which makes the gear handy at all time, this backpack also has a compartment which is ‘Cradle-fit’ for a 15-inch laptop.

The carbonate coating and YKK weather-proof zippers make this photography backpack last long and abuse-proof. Even if you are a rough traveler, this backpack will stay by your side as a companion.

The lateral pop-in dividers allow you to store the needed gear as per the need and your convenience. This way, you can pack all your stuff as per your need. It’ll not even be a hassled packing due to the compartments.

No more gear stuffing!

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Peak Design Everyday Backpack min

This high-capacity backpack by PeakDesign is made to be the best travelling buddy of a photographer. With a capacity of 20L, it can easily hold one DSLR camera along with few (3-4) lenses.

This professional camera backpack has 3 Flex Fold compartments, which keeps your equipment (drone, lenses, kit) safe and sound.

The dual side weather-proof zips and the quick access provision make this backpack more convenient than it could ever be!

To keep miniature items such as pens, memory cards, etc. which are more prone to being misplaced, this backpack has exterior and sub-divided interior pockets.

The 500D Nylon Canvas shell keeps your camera gear and kit safe and sounds irrespective of the bumps.

This cleverly designed camera backpack for photographers is worth your attention if not more.

With this, we conclude our list, but this is just the start for you. Buy the best backpacks for photographers before time runs out.

An important note to keep in mind- Maintenance and technique of packing the backpack is an extremely crucial task. If not done correctly, you might face unbearable losses.

To all the promising photographers, make the best use of these backpacks and prove your talent. Here we conclude the topic of best backpacks for photographers do let us know which one you liked the most.




Best Backpacks for photographers
Best Backpacks for photographers
Best Backpacks for photographers
Best Backpacks for photographers
Best Backpacks for photographers

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