Best Beach Stroller in 2020

Every parent wants to explore the world with their little cradle of joy. They want to scale mountains, countryside and every place! Usually, parents take out their regular strollers and start their journey. But taking care of the baby at beaches is always a task and much more challenging.

The wrong equipment can always ruin the experience. We don’t want to risk it, do we? But how do we do it?

Best beach stroller is the answer.




Best Beach Stroller in 2020
Best Beach Stroller in 2020
Best Beach Stroller in 2020
Best Beach Stroller in 2020
Best Beach Stroller in 2020

What is a beach stroller?

Beach stroller is multi-adventurous equipment for handling babies. Their wheels as compared to a regular stroller are huge. Another word for this type of stroller is- Best all-terrain stroller.

The best beach stroller comes with more rigid wheels, filled with air and extra protection for your infant. These wheels are not just suitable for beaches but any type of surface, rough or smooth.

However, it guarantees comfort and safety for your baby after a long beach day. These beach strollers can be heavier than a regular stroller.

The best beach stroller, not only comes handy for the all-terrain journey but must also have some extra features which must prove its capability. Comfort, price, safety, durability and other characteristics are always the topmost priority of parents.

Not only your baby but the best beach stroller can also prove out to be a great helper for you!  How? Well, the best beach stroller helps protect your baby from the harmful sun rays, dust, sand, etc. So your baby can take a quiet nap while you’re busy taking a sunbath.

Sounds fun, right?

Features of the beach stroller:

Since parents are always sceptical about buying stuff for their baby, worrying about the quality and compatibility of the product, it is always better to know what features are to look out for beforehand.

Keep these features as your checklist while buying the best beach stroller for your toddler. Tick out the boxes, when you find the one! So here we go

  1. Flexibility-

The best beach stroller is the one which is easy to fold and can fit in the car. We don’t want to book a bigger car just for a stroller.

Buy one all-terrain stroller, which is easy to fold. This is very important since these strollers are bulkier to carry than a regular one. We don’t want any inconvenience while handling it on a beach day!

  • Compatible-

Check whether your beach stroller is car seat compatible. Nowadays many best beach strollers have this additional feature of having compatible with your car seat not to disturb your baby during the seat transfer.

  • Handling-

While buying the best beach stroller don’t forget to check the functioning of the wheel.

Ask these questions: How does the stroller work on beach sand? Whether the wheel pivots or it doesn’t? Whether it gets stuck in the sand and you have to push it hard?

When you get the desirable answers, and it matches your needs, then that’s the product you are looking for.

  • Age compatibility-

Best beach strollers also come with age compatibility since the size and handling of strollers differ from each stroller to another.

For very young infants, the best beach strollers usually have a feature of bending at 150 angles. A parent wants a stroller which is fit for their growing baby. They don’t want to buy a new stroller at every stage.

So the best beach stroller is the one which has a provision for adjustments.

  • Safety and handling-

Before buying the stroller, do have a check with the reviews and features. The best beach stroller must have proper safety harnesses to protect your baby on any terrain surface.

Usually, a five-point harness is preferred since it protects the entire body of the baby.

Babies prefer to take a nap after every interval of time. A baby stroller is deemed fit for beaches if it has a sun canopy to cover your baby from the harmful sun rays.

Your baby can enjoy a quick nap listening to the waves while you are busy taking a sunbath.

  • Price-

The best beach strollers come with a different price range. But the decision is of the parents as to which one is preferable for their little joy.

  • Storage-

Parents would like if the stroller comes with pockets to store the food, toys and milk for their baby. It becomes an utmost necessity for a beach stroller to have pockets since it becomes handy for the parents.

They must check whether the best baby stroller they chose for their infants has saddlebag and large pockets.

  • Breaks-

You must be knowing that strollers come with breaks. What if we tell you that some of the best beach strollers come with one-touch breaks?

Yes, they do. Since it is challenging to manage strollers on the sand surface of the beach, it becomes an absolute necessity to have more accessible and quick brakes than usual.

The one-touch break helps in the immediate stopping of the beach stroller.

  • Weight-

As we have previously said, beach strollers are heavier as compared to regular strollers. But too much of weight can prove to be a major inconvenience for the parents.

If parents are looking forward to travelling a lot with their toddler, they must choose the most lightweight beach stroller of their choice.

Since we have discussed all these features to look out for in the best baby stroller we could find, it is also essential to check out which are some of the best beach strollers in the market. And believe us, it is a huge task.

So we are here to help you, yet again. We have made a comprehensive list of some of the best beach strollers for all new parents out there, and you might find the best of them.

Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller

Best Beach Stroller

The price might shock you since it is one of the most pocket-friendly and best beach stroller we could find!

Baby trend XCEL is one of the light weighted beach stroller weighing just 11.3kgs. It comes in a variety of colours, so parents have a wide range to choose from.

It is compatible with all infant car seat models also manufactured by the company. The front wheel is lockable.


  • The beach stroller comes with five harnesses for baby’s extra safety to the toddler.
  • This baby stroller is simple best because it has padded seating and reclining seats which provides more comfort for a baby to sleep.
  • It has a sun canopy with a window for your baby to peek-a-boo
  • For parents, this beach stroller comes with a massive basket for storage.


  • Many users have said that this stroller requires a lot of maintenance for its rear wheels.
  • You can’t use the front wheels without locking it first.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Best Beach Stroller in 2020

Next, we have in our recommendations is yet another product by Baby trends. The weight is considerable for the parents to manage.

Just like the first product, this stroller too has storage capacity, reclining and padded seating, etc.


  • It has too many features for a beach stroller at an affordable price.
  • It comes with five harness safety.
  • For parents, this stroller has cup holders so they can sip a bit of coffee while their infant takes a nap along the beach.


  • Customers have said that they found the support pillow too hard for the babies.
  • Several reports say that the handle of the beach stroller is difficult to handle, so it is not convenient for them.
  • The buckles too are inconvenient and may make the baby uncomfortable.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

Best Beach Stroller you should buy in 2020

The product next on our recommended list of the best beach strollers is in the middle price range and is manufactured by Thule. The name of this product is the Thule Guide.

You can buy this stroller in 2 styles- Single and Double. It means this beach stroller can also fit in twins. The price differs for each style.

This beach stroller has 16” rear wheel for a smooth ride. The swivel front wheel locks can be used to put it into place.

This stroller has easy ventilation for babies which is what makes it the best beach stroller.


  • It has integrated handbrakes which makes it easy for the parents to control the stroller.
  • There are side ventilation and adjustments with sun canopy.
  • The stroller has a large storage space.


  • As per reviews, the footbrake of this product is faulty, which is risky for the baby.
  • Pricey.

BOB Gear Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller

Best Beach Stroller

The next product is amongst the Amazon exclusives list, which means that it is amongst the trusted products of the site.

Consumers have hailed this beach stroller as the best beach stroller due to its features. So let us have a look.

The company “Bob Gear” says it has a handlebar console and a tire pump. It has two step-fold making it compact. The beach stroller is also compatible with infant car seats manufactured by BOB and Britax (partner companies).

The beach stroller is just the best because it is fit for growing babies right from their birth to when they weigh 75pounds.


  • Tire pump keeps tired inflated, which makes the beach stroller easy to be moved around surfaces.
  • 5 point harness to tuck in your baby with utmost safety.
  • The handles are adjustable as per needs.


  • The users found that the tires are faulty and challenging to manage.
  • Many have talked about rusting around its rivets after a period of use.
  • Pricey

BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 2.0

The final product on our recommendations for ‘Best beach strollers’ is yet another product by BOB Gear. It is a bit in the pricey range in comparison with other products.

Manufactured by the most trusted company in baby strollers-BOB Gears, this product has much to offer which can give parents a run for their money.

This baby stroller shares many similarities with its counterpart.

BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging stroller has a suspension of a mountain bike, making it easy to manoeuvre. The front-wheel has a swivel locking system.

Compatible with infant car seats, your baby will have a peaceful and breezy sleep thanks to the UPF+50 canopy. It protects the infant from harmful sun and provides ventilation.

For all the parents worrying about having to carry bags around to keep their baby products near them, this beach stroller is a boon. It has a large cargo basket with integrated pockets for all the products to stuff.


  • Adjustable handlebar helps the parents in efficiently managing the beach stroller on terrains.
  • UPF+50 Canopy puts the baby to sweet sleep.
  • For all the parents who love travelling, this beach stroller is travelling friendly.
  • It is the perfect fit for a growing baby.


  • This product may come out to be pricey.
  • The wheels may weigh-off slightly off track if not appropriately handled.

Here, we would like to conclude the list, but there are still many more products on the lot.

Parents would not compromise for anything when it comes to the apple of their eyes, and neither do we want to take any risk. So, every parent must do thorough research and buy the best beach stroller for their baby.

The best beach stroller is bound to bring benefits to the parents itself. Not only will it give a run for their money but also bring comfort and smiles on their infant’s face. That’s what we all want, don’t we?

The best beach stroller will be compatible on any terrains, must have comfortable padded seating and safety harness for the baby to be tucked without any harm.

It must have easy braking system to make it easy to manage and have lots of storage to keep baby products on the go. Once you find a product which can convince you that it is easy to be trusted around with a baby, then do buy it!

The best beach stroller must only bring a smile to yours and your younger one’s face.




Best Beach Stroller in 2020
Best Beach Stroller in 2020
Best Beach Stroller in 2020
Best Beach Stroller in 2020
Best Beach Stroller in 2020

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