Best Camping Hacks for Families 2020

An excursion with your family is like a long break from all the chores you would have to deal with at home. It can be one of the best experiences of your life of having to spend quality time with your kids and family. In this post we will talk more about best camping hacks for families.

Best Camping Hacks for Families 2020

We are here to provide you some of the best and suggested family camping hacks you can use, to make your trip bit more fun and hassle-free.

Today, we will be answering the most asked question by all parents: How to make a camping trip with your kids more fun while not being driven crazy? Believe us the hacks will help your camping be a lot more organised and play too.

So before going on your next family camp don’t forget to check out all these camping hacks and surprise your kids!

If you think taking your kids on a camp will take the life out of you, then use these hacks which will not only give you the desired break but also help in your kid’s development.

Before You Go:

Now before you depart on your camping journey double-check whether or not you have packed all the essentials to carry.

Right from the food, to mosquito repellent creams, glow sticks, tent, etc. It is better to ensure that all your gear is adequately ticked off the list and placed well in your camping car.


Some of the aspects of camping need to be sorted out way before departure like food for an instance. Kiddies are messy, and everything slips off their tiny fingers. Make bite-sized food so that your kids don’t get the chance of wasting it.

Carry a small barbeque perhaps so you can grill the veggies and fruits at the trip site and make it a fun day. Before leaving, feed the kids well to control their hunger urges.

Fold all of their clothes in a roll. It not only saves space but also promotes organised packing. And they only substitute as a pillow.

Don’t forget to carry soap and medicines. Health should always be the top-most priority wherever you go.

We advise you to have a pre-camp trial in your backyard so that an impromptu trip won’t bother your kids much.

Pre-planning is one of most important of a best camping hacks for families because it takes care of all items that we need to carry for our trip.

Best Camping Hacks for Families – Camping essentials and tips:

It is your primary responsibility to ensure all your camping supplies are adequately organised, so it is easy to find them once you reach your camping spot.

Some of the must-haves on the trip are-

  1. Air mattress
  2. Mosquito Repellent and medicine kit
  3. Foldable tent
  4. Food
  5. Glow sticks and candles
  6. An extra set of clothes (rolled)
  7. Anti-bacterial wipes
  8. A hammock
  9. Garbage bags and a compact garbage can
  10. Frozen bottles of water
  11. Toys and activity sets
  12. Folding chairs
  13. Duct tape and matchsticks
  14. Boiled water for drinking
  15. Shoe organiser

You can alter this list as per your convenience.

(Remember you want to make this trip a pleasant experience and as memorable as possible. Not only for your kids but also for yourself)

Here are some of the tips and hacks we would recommend you while camping with family so that you don’t have to miss out on the fun.

  1. Pre-pack the food
Best Camping Hacks for Families 2020

We have already discussed why carrying pre-packed vegetables and snacks will be a better option for your messy kids. As far as we’ve known, kids love the food pockets.

It will not only reduce the wastage but save up on a lot of efforts. Having pre-packed food served to your kids will only save your time and make up for an organised trip.

Small food pockets wrapped in tin foil and resembling the shape of a tent will only make your kids asking for more.

  • Carry a tent
Best Camping Hacks for Families 2020

A camping trip with kids is incomplete without a tent. Make arranging the tent activity as fun as possible by getting your kids involved too.

It’ll only open the doors to the creative rooms of their mind and help them pass their time.

  • Protection at every step

A camping site is prone to mosquitoes and germs at any point in time. Add a layer of protection on your kids by using mosquito repellent cream on their body beforehand.

There are some incense sticks available too, which can protect you and your family from harmful mosquito bites.

Keep a medical kit handy with all the essential ointments and sprays ready—even the prescribed medicines.

Use anti-bacterial wipes and handwashing soaps for keeping your kids hygienic at all times. A simple trick to use is- Set up a handwashing station. Use a bin with a water bottle and soap on the side, so your kids follow the proper etiquette at all times.

  • Sweet sleep

Managing the sleep time on a family camping trip is more like a different problem in itself. Use a blow-up air mattress to avoid the prickly stones while sleeping in a tent.

To make up for the absence of the pillow, use the rolled-up clothes. You’ll thank us for this tip.

  • Mealtime

Cooking alone is tiresome at home. But on a trip, you can make it as fun as your kiddo’s playtime. Bring out the fruits, veggies and meat.

Make your kids carefully arrange them on a skewer (guidance necessary), and you can bring the barbeque out.

Using this trick than roasting marshmallows, which can be a bit messier, is far better.

  • Play-time

Kids do make their parents innovators at any given point of time. Put your skills to use on a camping trip, too.

But keep in mind to enthral your kid by the beauty of nature around the camping site as well. A pair of binoculars is the best, to begin with.

Carry the outdoor game your kid would love to engage in if camping with a baby, a play basket with their favorite plush toys will be heaven.

  • Light up the site!
glow sticks 1

Apart from carrying your batter powdered emergency light, it would be a heavenly experience if you use glow-sticks too. It will bring colors into your trip, and your young ones would have a blast with it.

Glow-stick is the most affordable product you can find in any retail shop.

  • Campfire
Best Camping Hacks for Families 2020

A camping trip with family is incomplete without a campfire. Use left-over tissue rolls or anything you find on the site and start your campfire.

Use a fire starter or matchsticks and voila!

  • In the arms of nature!

Nothing is more beautiful than enjoying the best of what nature offers on a camping trip.

A good-supported hammock with excellent support lets you lay back and enjoy your peaceful time on an otherwise busy day.

Best camping hacks for families are not just for one-day use; in fact, there are many tips of these which can be used daily. And believe us, they will only benefit your babies and make their development a steady process right from this young age.

Not to forget, before leaving the camping site to ensure that you have cleaned up correctly so that it doesn’t pollute the nature and your kids learn the habit of cleaning after themselves.

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FAQ’s on Best Camping Hacks for Families:

We know that many of the new parents look forward to the camping trip as a way of escape from every day’s mundane life at home. Camping is more like a retreat for the children and the parents too.

Here are some of the FAQ’s asked by many of you parents, and we hope they can help you in every way possible.

  1. How to keep a toddler busy while camping?

Apart from keeping busy, you must also note that it is their development age. Their brains start accumulating information, and you should contribute to it.

As a parent, you can plan a scavenger hunt which includes brainstorming and creative activities apart from just playing. It’ll engage your kids in the long run.

  • How to make a toddler’s camping easier?

Pre-plan all the activities before you even leave for the site. Make your kids practice the camping day etiquette by practicing them in your backyard perhaps.

This will make your kid familiar to how a real camp seems like. Organizing is the essential element.

  • What should a toddler sleep in when camping?

Based on the experiences of other parents, it is always recommended to carry warm and comfortable toddler clothes in a camp.

Usually, make them wear the clothes they do at home. It’ll be their comfortable environment.

  • What to bring camping with a 2-year-old?

When camping with a 2-year-old, make sure to bring healthy snacks and hygiene-related products.

On the other hand, to engage them, you can bring a playset and engage in a game or two with your toddler. Communication is an important key.

Here we conclude our post on Best camping hacks for families. We hope that you find these hacks useful and make better use of them.

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