Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500

Imagine going out with your friends on a trek at the Ghats, and you see this fantastic waterfall washing every blade of grass in its surrounding. A true scenic beauty! Isn’t this moment worth capturing to show it off on social media later? Well, to capture this dramatic moment to its fullest for all the mobile photographers we have a treat.

We have for you- the best mobile camera lens in India under 500.

You heard that right. In a mere sum of 500 rupees, you can buy some of the best camera lenses in India!

Can’t believe your eyes? But it is indeed.

Just a small amount can make your awesome scenic beauty photos look ethereal.

Let’s get straight to the article.

Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500

What is the mobile camera lens?

You must know that our DSLR cameras come with detachable lenses.

The mobile camera lens is third party lens attachments which can be attached to the fixed camera lens of our smartphones.

These camera lenses vary in their characteristics.

These lenses, when attached to that of the fixed lens of a smartphone, make it look more professional and photogenic.




Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500
Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500
Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500
Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500
Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500

How to buy the best mobile camera lens in India under 500?

Buying something new is always a difficult task we wish would get more comfortable.

We need advice from people who have expertise in the field and need to search over dozens of review pages on the internet.

But don’t you worry! We have your back. This article will guide you with things you should keep in mind before buying a mobile camera lens.

So, relax and read this comprehensive guide further to check what things you must keep in mind before buying your first-ever ‘Mobile Camera Lens’.

Some of the characteristics of the best mobile camera lens you can find in India are:

Easy weight:

DSLR lens is enormous to carry and difficult to attach for all our newbie photographers. They are heavy.

A mobile camera lens is small, can be carried in cases and often weigh the same as a pen.

Focal length:

The physical length of the DSLR lens is more. As compared to it, their focal length is less.

The focus lens of the mobile camera lens has a shorter physical length than the focal length.

This makes even a standard mobile photograph look more emphasizing and pleasing.

The natural colors are a treat to the eyes since they look the way they initially are.

This difference can make even a mobile camera shot photo look like a professional—the reason- buying the best mobile camera lens in India under 500.

Materials and durability:

We all want a good deal for our money since we expect our money to be put into fair use.

We choose to buy the best mobile camera lens in India under 500 because we want efficiency and long-lasting usage in return for our money, don’t we?

When it comes to materials, there are many mobile camera lenses in the market which offer premium quality optical glass for long-lasting usage.

As a camera fanatic would know how important it is to make sure your lenses are always safe and secure.

Some of the best mobile camera lens in India under 500 come with storage cases for protecting the lenses while travelling.


Photography doesn’t depend on the price, but talent. You can capture the best of the nature photos even without having to carry heavy equipment.

Rather than spending a lot on the equipment, you could shift that focus on your photo and other technicalities.

The best mobile camera lens in India under 500 is the perfect choice for all the budding photographers who want to focus on their skills than the tools.


Photography is meant to capture every essence of nature in its purest form. Even capturing under the water needs a lot of efforts.

As a beginner, we want to experiment and what’s better than practising on something easy?

There are many best mobile camera lenses in India under 500 available in the market which are waterproof and won’t ruin the water photography experience for you.

Advantages of buying the best mobile camera lens in India under 500:

Since we are done knowing what the characteristics, we are looking forward to a mobile camera lens are, let us discuss what the benefits of buying one are.

  • A typical mobile phone camera isn’t meant to take professional photos. However, buying a mobile camera lens can guarantee you better picture quality and professional effects on the photo you capture.
  • The portability of a mobile camera lens makes it very easy to carry around at different places.
  • As it is easy to carry, you can even pop this camera lens in your pocket.
  • Zooming in to capture a photo on your mobile camera means compromising on the resolution.
  • With the help of mobile camera lens, you can easily zoom into the photo without disturbing the resolution.
  • It also increases the focal length, which enhances it.
  • The price ranges vary when it comes to the mobile camera lens in India. You can buy one at as cheap as 299 to a one priced at 1299. You don’t have to make a hole in your pocket over the mobile camera lens.

So, whether you are a budding photographer or to be social media influencer the best mobile camera lens can bring the best out of you.

Since we are done discussing the essential aspects of the best mobile camera lenses to lighten up the burden on you, let us move on to the next part of our guide- RECOMMENDATIONS.

We would love to show you the products we have shortlisted via Amazon India for you to buy the best mobile camera lens in India under 500. So here it goes.

LionBolt Universal 8 HD Zoom Camera Lens 

Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500

We want to start our list with this super excellent mobile camera lens by LionBolt Enterprises.

It is one of the top manufacturers of Lens Kits on Amazon.

 The mobile camera lens is under our budget of ₹500, so we are saving some money.

Let’s get to the specifications.

  • The material used for this wide-angle mobile camera lens has five layers of optical glass which ensure good photo quality and enhances our photos naturally.
  • It is compatible with all smartphones, whatever is the brand, which is best. You can adjust the angle of the lens and can zoom up to 8times the view!
  • It is very lightweight and effortless to carry out. It is covered with plastic and metal (aluminium) for protection of the lens.


  • The layered optical glasses give more detailed and high definition photos.
  • You can click high-quality photos easily.


  • The system holder cannot be easily shifted since it has fixed placing.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on this product, so grab your unique opportunity while it lasts.

PickTheDeal 12x Zoom Optical Telescope Lens

Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500

PickTheDeal manufactures the next recommended product on our list of the best mobile camera lens in India under 500.

Here are the specifications-

  • As compared to the previous product, this mobile camera lens has up to 12 times zoom provision without having to compromise on the quality of the photo deteriorating.
  • You don’t have to worry because this lens guarantees high resolution and colour reproduction.
  • Manual focus functionality helps to give DSLR photo effect.
  • The rubber grip prevents from any harm or damages on the mobile camera lens.


  • You don’t need any battery or must recharge the mobile camera lens.
  • You can easily attach or take the lenses of when need.


  • Tripod is essential for outdoor shooting, so it is quite a task of carrying it.
  • It is quite pricey as compared to another mobile camera lens on our list.

This product deserves to be in our list of the best mobile camera lens in India under 500 due to its functionality and material.

King Shine 12X Optical HD Cell Phone Camera Telephoto Lens


The third product on our recommendation list is a little pricey when placed next to other competing products.

It is manufactured by the brand ‘King Shine’. The mobile camera lens has 12 times zoom capability.

This lens can perfectly capture your picturesque view with its zooming capacity and excellent picture quality.

  • The Optimal camera telephonic mobile lenses are detachable and portable.
  • The manufacturer guarantees high visual acuteness. Not only this, but they also promise to make your phone camera as right as a telescope.
  • Wide-angle shots can accommodate that big group of yours perfectly in one shot.
  • The unique internal anti-reflection black ink in the mobile camera lens absorbs stray light and minimizes internal reflections. This way, you can even capture better in broad daylight without worrying about the sun rays poking your photo.
  • The SF rubber coating prevents any damage happening to your phone and mobile camera lens.
  • To firmly fix the camera lens on your phone, you must use the adapter case provided. Not only will it make the angle firm but also safeguard your phone.


  • The lenses perfectly align with your phone camera and avoid the contortion of the image.
  • Super wide-angle nature of the lens helps in making the picture sharper and more detailed.


  • The mobile camera lens comes with a clip holder, so there are chances of it slipping off
  • The mobile camera lens is pricey in comparison with the other lenses.

TEQNEQ Mobile Camera Macro Lens and Wide-Angle Lens


How can we forget our very favourite product while we are discussing the best mobile camera lens in India under 500?

The TEQNEQ mobile camera lens is one of the leading and well-attributed products in the market. The brand “TEQNEQ” is amongst the top leaders of Lens kit manufacturing.

  • The manual focus function ability helps you to take photos which can easily compete with DSLR captured photos.
  • You don’t need batteries or charger to operate this mobile camera lens.
  • At such a dirt-cheap price you can enjoy three lenses! Wide-angle, macro and a fish-eye lens. All differing in their functioning.
  • The fish-eye lens can capture 180 degrees scene. Macro lens to capture the smallest of the small objects. Wide-angle to capture heaps of lush green mountains with fountains.
  • The rubber guard prevents the lens from any scratches, bumps and harm.


  • Far away objects and wide-angle to almost any scene, animal, the object can be easily captured with this set of lenses.
  • Very pocket friendly


  • This set of the mobile camera lens is only compatible with few smartphones.
  • Beginners may find difficulty in using all lenses.

If you are looking for an affordable and beneficial deal, then go for this!

REDWIND 3in1 Mobile Camera Photo Lens


If you are looking for the lowest price product under the category of the best mobile camera lens in India under 500 and looking for ways to save more money then, REWIND 3 in 1 mobile camera lens has your back.

  • It also offers three different types of the lens at a small price.
  • In case you are an iPhone user, and then the clip holder will help to keep the camera lens in place. 
  • The fish-eye lens helps in better angle capture of any photograph.


  • Very cheap and affordable
  • One-year replacement warranty in case you have problems with the product


  • Other lenses have better zoom capability (12 times) than this product.

The reviews too talk a lot about the product. Users have demonstrated and used the lens to their heart’s content. This product is highly recommended.

So here, our list concludes.

The power of the best mobile camera lens in India under 500 is different. Suppose you have a low budget and want to shoot photos, documentaries and videos or even have a product photoshoot.

The best mobile camera lens is the change you need.

May it be wide-angle shot or as intricate as the structure inside a honeycomb then you may need multiple lenses. But multiple lens-kits are also available on Amazon (also our recommendations).

Boost your photography skills with the best mobile camera lens in India under 500. Be ready, dear photographers!




Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500
Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500
Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500
Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500
Best Mobile Camera Lens in India under 500

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