Top 5 Best Self-Watering Planters for Herbs

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Being a plant lover and a travel enthusiast, forgetful never go hand in hand. We love maintaining our small garden and can’t see it being dry like Sahara!

At times like these, we need a helper. And we have one in the form of best self-watering planters for herbs.

Not only do they have minimal needs, but many of the best self-watering planters for herbs ensure that the plant keeps away from an excess of watering and extensive drying too.

Now let us get to know what these are!

What are self-watering planters for herbs?

For all the people who like to grow their veggies and herbs, the worst part of being a fan of homegrown plants is not able to look after them.

The reason can be anything. You might be on tour, laze around in one place or be forgetful. But what if we can tell you that this won’t affect your houseplants?

Sounds exciting right? Well, that is what it is.

Self-watering planters for herbs require the most minimal attention. All it is needed to do is fill up the top reservoir with water every 2 to 4 weeks.

At the appropriate time, the plants will get its water supply and ensure proper moisture. It can also help the plant to grow steadily with adequate aeration and water gauge.

Information on self-watering planters for herbs:

They are diverse. You can have planters of different shapes, sizes, colours, and materials to make your herbs look aesthetic at the same time.

Since you might be confused about how many different types of herbs and plants can, one self-watering planter can accommodate? The answer is multiple. But, it depends on the planter.

How to buy the best self-watering planter for your herbs?

The first thing we need to keep in mind is that these planters must be kept in a gardening area where proper sunlight is guaranteed, and rest will be taken care of by them.

Here are top factors to keep in mind before buying the best self-watering planter for herbs

  • Aeration:-

Every person who knows has a basic knowledge of growing a plant or having a garden of their own must understand that it is essential for the plant to breathe. Just like we humans similarly inhale oxygen, plants breathe too.

Potting a plant means ensuring the pot has holes below its surface for aeration and to prevent clogging of water.

Self-watering planters for herbs might seem a modern and smarter way of growing plants and herbs, but the technique for aeration is similar.

One must ensure that the self-watering planter has proper aeration technique.

  • Size and type of planters:-

You are growing your veggies and herbs sound fun until you lose out on the space to produce some more of it. Best self-watering planters for herbs come in different sizes and designs in which they can be planted.

Some of the planters come with several pockets so that you can plant a different variety of herb in each bag. In contrast, some growers come which hanging type basket to give it a more picturesque outlook.

So, if you want to make proper utilisation of your garden space and grow as many herbs and plants as possible, then, self-watering planters are the best choice.

Stackable planters can be arranged on a different level to give it the amount look. Similarly, one gets to choose from an unlimited range of array of shapes for their planter.

Want to plant basil in a miniature rectangular planter? You’ve it!

That’s how easy it is!

  • The technique of water reservoir:-

The primary purpose of having a self-watering plant is obviously to know how it works. But what’s more important is to understand how the watering system works.

Some of the best self-watering planters for herbs come with a water reservoir, which needs to be refilled every 2 to 4 weeks. But how does this water reach our herbs?

The planter comes with an absorbent material which absorbs the reservoir water and takes it to the plants. Another watering technique includes a special mat having capillaries which carry the water to the plants.

These techniques, at times, help to maintain the moisture in the soil.

Since best-self watering planters for herbs has so many useful features to offer us, there’s bound to be a setback. Let us take a look.

Problems one can face after buying self-watering planters for herbs:

Since self-watering planters don’t need to be watered manually, there is a possibility of minerals being deposited at the bottom of the planters. These minerals can turn to be as bad as a venom for your herbs.

The salt developing at the bottom can take away all the nutrients from the soil and kill your herbs.

To prevent these, some steps need to be followed like-

It is using compost in the soil milk. It has lots of nutrients and stops the minerals from developing at the bottom.

Another method is to manually hose or water the planter during summer (at least once) to let go of the minerals developed at the bottom. Flush it out of the planter.

Don’t forget to refill it with some freshwater!

Now that we have glanced over the benefits and uses of some of the best self-watering planters for herbs let us not delay anymore to list down some of the best self-watering planters available via Amazon.

In a glance, we will also be looking at the product specifications and other features.

So here are our recommendations.

Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter:

Top 5 Best Self-Watering Planters for Herbs

This full-proof product is one of the best self-watering planters for herbs by Window Garden. It is perfect for beginners.

It deserves the top position based on its reviews and popularity among consumers. It is amongst the few cost-effective products we have on our list. Coming to its features-

  • The fibre soil which comes along with is the best for herbs and suitable for indoor gardening. The unique soil sprawls and helps in the growth of the herbs.
  • The product comes with different style variant to complement your home décor.


  • Suitable to plant a variety of herbs at one time.
  • Water level indicator shows when to refill the reservoir.


  • The hole to fill the reservoir is too small.
  • The gauge of water indicator gets stuck many times, making it complicated.

This is undoubtedly the best self-watering planter for herbs you could find.

EarthBOX Garden Kit

Top 5 Best Self-Watering Planters for Herbs

Earth Box manufactures the second product we have on our list of best self-watering planter for herbs.

If one wants to give a perfect traditional earthen pot look to their garden, then this planter is the one. If you are indecisive about the position of planter after every few days then let us tell you- Earth box planter comes with detachable wheels for easy mobility.

  • The product comes with a planter box which has a detailed and step-by-step instruction manual for beginners.
  • The kit includes two black/white mulch covers, an aeration screen, a 1lb. Bag of organic Dolomite soil, a 1lb bag of fertiliser, and four castor wheels for easy portability. 
  • Since the kit offers most of the essentials, you don’t have to do digging and other menial work from scratch.
  • The water reservoir, overflow hole and fill tube help in the technique of self-watering.


  • With the help of the wheels, this self-watering planter becomes very portable to carry.
  • The kit and accessories make this planter simple and easy to use.


  • Since the water reservoir and fill tube are too big, this planter presumably consumes a lot of water.
  • If you want to plant a significant volume of herbs, then this product isn’t compatible with you.

If you are searching for the best self-watering planter for herbs which can give you a run for your money, then this product is for you.

Lechuza Self-Watering Garden Planter for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Self-Watering Planters for Herbs

Finding products which match up to your home décor is like a trivial task. But in case of this self-watering planter for herbs by Lechuza, it won’t be an issue.

Lechuza is the leading manufacturer of not only self-watering planters but their designs are also unique and modern to fit any home setting.

  • The Classico series of best self-watering planters for herbs by ‘Lechuza’ is the best addition to your home décor and garden. You get to pick from 5 different colours and three different styles.
  • This self-watering planter for herbs is made of UV resistant PP plastic which protects it from any weather condition.
  • It is an advanced level planter due to its durability and functioning while having a simple outlook.
  • You can choose between 8 inches to 16 inches of size.
  • In case you decide to place the planter outdoor, then the drainage plug can help you get rid of excess water.
  • This advanced and best self-watering planter for herb aerates the soil and distributes water following the soil’s needs.


  • The stylish design is suitable with any décor.
  • Easy to set-up and use


  • Expensive as compared to other products
  • Reviewers have said that the drainage plug tends to overflow.

The water level indicator alerts you when it’s time to refill it.

Glowpear Self-Watering Mini Bench Planter

Top 5 Best Self-Watering Planters for Herbs

While we are discussing the best self-watering planters for herbs, it is impossible not to include this planter. The Glowpear Store has one product which will make us consider why this planter deserves to be on our list.

Many consumers are worried about the water dripping off from the self-watering planters when placed indoors.

  • Glowpear Urban Garden comes with a clip-on drip tray. Take your worries off!
  • Glowpear cares about you. You don’t have to bow over to fill the water reservoir since this self-watering planter for herbs has a raised design.
  • The Urban Garden planter is made of injection-moulded HDPE, UV and corrosion resistant, BPA-free. Glowpear units can be ‘plugged in’ to each other, for easy, integrated watering and increased growing space.
  • This makes it compatible to use with different herbs at the same time.


  • The sleek contemporary look can enhance your home décor by multiple times.
  • The drip tray can help you to prevent water stains indoor.


  • The price is higher than many self-watering planters available in the market

Lechuza Self-Watering Garden Planter for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Top 5 Best Self-Watering Planters for Herbs

The last product we would like to recommend you on our list of best self-watering planters for herbs is yet another product by Lechuza.

  • Just like another product, this planter has a protective material with UV protection as well. You have options to choose from 3 different sizes.
  • It is one of the highly recommended product on our list.  To make sure your herbs don’t drown the Lechuza Pon comes to rescue.


  • Easy to use and handle


  • Expensive as compared to other planters.

Since we have now become exceptionally acquainted on how to buy, and what to look out for a while buying the best self-watering planters for herbs, time to know some more before we conclude.

The drainage holes are used for aeration and to get rid of excess water. It prevents the roots from getting waterlogged.  The best self-watering planter for herb would have these holes at the bottom.

In case you want to place your planter at a level, it is better to place it on top of some brick or other support. The water may escape from below, but you can always place a dish to prevent it from escaping.

The indicator of the water reservoir is very sensitive. It is necessary to keep it away from the soil as it may give us the wrong predictions.

There are many more thing which needs to be taken care of before buying self-watering planter for your home. It is crucial to do proper research and check with professionals about the same.

Don’t forget to look for the product specifications and comparing it with its competitors before proceeding to buy a planter.

Make your garden smell fresh and modern with the help of some of the best self-watering planters for herbs!

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