Best Smart Bulbs for Alexa in 2020

We are living in a period where automated and smart living is a necessity now. We turned our life into a ‘smart life’ where everything is a utility for us.

We are compatible with automated voice assistant- Amazon Alexa. Because of Alexa, even a simple task like turning on the lightbulbs has become more accessible than it was. Best Smart bulbs for Alexa in 2020’ is a trend now, and we love being trendy.

All you must do is buy the best smart bulbs which are compatible with Alexa and give it a command. Sounds interesting? It gets even better.

What are smart bulbs for Alexa?

Our life has been better ever since we got voice controlling devices to get our work done. And Amazon Alexa has proved to be a great assistant, since the beginning.

Be it listening to music or setting reminders, and she does it all. Every person who owns the Amazon Alexa device must have heard about the availability of smart bulbs for Alexa.

These bulbs come up with a provision to connect with our Alexa device and work as we want it to. So basically, no more having to walk up to the light switchboard in the middle of the night and falling off in the dark eventually.

We can just ask Alexa to do it for Boom and us! It is done. As simple as that.




Sengled Smart light bulb
Kasa Smart LB100
Wyze Bulb

How do these best smart bulbs for Alexa work?

The idea of having our smart bulbs and connecting them to Alexa device seems complex. One would think they would have to set up an entire wiring connection and then plug them into the Alexa device. That’s not the case. 

These smart bulbs work with Alexa through a wireless technology or merely a Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes, these smart bulbs come with their hub, which can be connected to our Alexa device. Once you set it up, then everything is just a piece of cake for all.

These smart bulbs have multiple functions and are way different from our standard incandescent bulbs.

The best smart bulbs can change colours, dim according to our preference, switch on turn off and even adjust the brightness just with a simple voice command to Alexa. You don’t even have to get up from your place. Just say, “Alexa turn off the lights”, and the same will be done instantly.

Why should we opt for the best smart bulbs for Alexa in 2020?

Smart bulbs are the most effortless when it comes to an automated lighting system.

The combination of Amazon Alexa and smart bulbs specifically is the best thing to have ever happened.

Smart bulbs are better at conserving energy; you have the controls in your hand and adjust the brightness. It saves you a lot of time since you just must give a voice command to Alexa and nothing more.

The best smart bulbs for Alexa in 2020 even come at different price levels. The smart bulbs for Alexa properly dwell in with your modern home décor and don’t attract unnecessary electric fitting charges. You don’t have to buy five different bulbs to give your living room a soothing effect. Just two or even 1 are enough! Since we want nothing but the best for our home.

Another best part of these smart bulbs is they last longer than ordinary incandescent or CFL bulb.

How to choose the best smart bulb for Amazon Alexa in 2020?

Finalizing on one smart bulb which is compatible with your Alexa device is very confusing and seems like a massive task if you’re not familiar about the home automation process.

Because we are very familiar with buying a traditional incandescent bulb, taking a leap from a traditional to a smart bulb can be prone to making mistakes. So here is a guide on how to choose the best smart bulb for Alexa.

  • Compatibility:

Before buying best smart bulbs for Alexa in 2020 is to do thorough background research on the bulb. Do check whether they’re good at pairing with your Alexa device.

After all, your Amazon Alexa device will be the one controlling it. You can do this research by simply checking up on the internet. If they have good reviews from the consumers, then it’s a good indicator.

  • Price:

Don’t think that if the bulb is smart, the price is also equally high. The bulbs come at different prices based on their features.

Smart bulbs for Alexa should not only be good performance-based but also price based. Do not risk buying a high-priced smart bulb, thinking it would guarantee it would have better performance.

  • Check out options:

The market is enormous, and we mean it. Don’t just check out one or two smart bulbs. Many options exist for Alexa.

There are diverse options in Smart bulbs for Alexa in 2020, too. Unlike a regular bulb, smart bulbs in Alexa in 2020, come in various colours, connectivity variants, wattage power, prices, etc.

  • Easy Commands:

Smart bulbs are ‘smart’ because they bring convenience to us and makes our life more comfortable. It will be of no use if we have to remember over hundreds of commands just to change the brightness.

Best smart bulbs for Alexa in 2020 should make life at ease. Go for the smart bulbs which can allow you to customize your commands. For example: Just clap once for the bulb to switch on, while clapping twice would make it turn off. That does give out a royal feeling.

  • Check details:

You don’t want to be left behind, stuck with a smart bulb which blows off after working for just a few days.

As a consumer, you will always prefer products which are long-lasting and give a good run to your money. As a smart consumer, make sure that the smart bulb you choose for your Amazon Alexa device should be best and must have a good life. For example, there are smart bulbs which have a lifetime run for 25000 hours and more, having much better functioning.

How to test the best smart bulb for Alexa in 2020?

The best way to test something is to use it. But that is not always possible. Sometimes just word of mouth is enough for us to determine the quality of a product.

Here are some of the ways to check which smart bulb for Alexa would be an appropriate fit for you and your smart home.

By getting smart bulbs for Alexa, you are transforming your sweet little home into a modern and smart home. Smart living in the future!

Check Setup:

Before buying the best smart bulb for Alexa device, make sure the setup is easy to use on a day-to-day basis.

Try connecting the smart bulb to your Alexa device using the Amazon Alexa app and Amazon Echo speakers. You can download the app on Android as well as iOS.

Try testing multiple smart bulbs for Alexa and check their functionality and responsiveness to your commands. Try saying “Hey Alexa, switch off the kitchen lights”.

Choosing from a wide range of smart bulbs is confusing. That’s why we bring you a list of some of the “Best smart bulbs for Alexa in 2020” for you along with an overview and highlighting their salient features:

5 Best Smart Bulbs for Alexa in 2020:

Helloify A19 Smart WiFi LED Light Bulbs

Best Smart Bulbs for Alexa in 2020

This product by ‘’Helloify’’ is the most pocket- friendly we have on our list. This smart bulb is compatible with Alexa devices and has an easy setup and installation.

You don’t need a hub to connect it. Just a stable Wi-Fi connection and Amazon Alexa app, and there you have smart lighting at home.

You can use voice command on your Alexa device and use it to dim the smart bulb, adjust its brightness and set it accordingly with your mode changes.

This Smart bulb meant for Alexa device guarantees up to 80% energy savings as compared to a regular bulb.

The wattage is 60W. And of course, the best thing a consumer can get at this low price- 30000 working hours on this smart bulb! It’s a guarantee. 

Sengled Smart light Bulb

Best Smart Bulbs for Alexa in 2020

This smart bulb for Alexa by Sengled is probably the best we could ever find in 2020.

Though it may seem pricey, it offers equally better features and flexibility.

You need to connect this smart bulb to your Alexa device via a Hub which can be connected to your Wi-Fi router (5G) with the help of an Ethernet cable—not convinced? Behold! Because we have even better to tell you about it.

You can connect to 64 smart bulbs at the same time along with your Alexa device. The wattage is 9W.

You tensed about your home seeming dark while you’re away? No worries! We have it sorted. You can create a group of these Smart bulbs on your Alexa device and set schedules of soft lighting and control it remotely.

It would look like someone’s at home and help in preventing chances of theft. You can also schedule your lights to simulate a sunset so that you can fall asleep more naturally every evening.

Your smart bulbs will slowly dim over the timespan you set. Need help with it? Customer support would be there for you.

Lumimam Smart WiFi Light Bulb


The next we have on our list is another pocket-friendly Best smart bulb for Alexa in 2020. This product of Luminan is cost not only practical but also easy to set up and install.

You don’t need a hub to connect it to your Alexa device. You can just connect the smart bulb to your Alexa device via your Alexa app and set up the voice control.

Just lay back with comfort and say “Alexa dim the bulbs” with ease. With your Alexa app, you can control the smart bulbs remotely even when you are away from home!

Did we say you can have party fun at home? Because Luminan smart bulbs for Alexa allow you to choose from 16 Million colours and you can adjust the brightness of each.

This smart bulb can also be used in a table lamp. The wattage of the smart bulb is 7.5W.

Kasa Smart LB100 Dimmable LED

Kasa Smart LB100

This smart bulb for Alexa is yet another pricey but equally flexible product. We can with ease add it to our list of the “Best smart bulbs for Alexa in 2020”.

This smart bulb product by Kasa is effortless. It’s amongst the best companies when it comes to manufacturing smart bulbs, so it is trustable.

You can connect the smart bulb with your Alexa device through the Kasa app, which can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

You can enable voice controls for your smart bulbs from that app for your Alexa device. This smart bulb for Alexa can be managed remotely, too.

In 2020, we are very looking for this level of advance. Before entering our homes, we can make Alexa turn on the bulbs for us instead of walking in the dark.

Another information to be kept in mind, you don’t need a hub to connect Kasa smart bulb to your Alexa device. You can dim and change the brightness as per your convenience.

Want to check how much energy your smart bulb has consumed over some time? Do that with Kasa app! The wattage of the bulb is 8W.

Wyze 800 Lumen A19 Smart LED Bulb

Wyze Bulb

The last product we have on our list is this best smart bulb by Wyze. It comes in the mid-price range and works very well with Alexa.

It has a wattage of 9.5W. This smart bulb has contactless and motion sensors which turn on and off the bulbs as per the movement of the door. The vacation mode can help when you’re away from home.

Just like its competitors, this smart bulb to does not require a hub for installation.

There are many more choices for you waiting on Amazon. So, what are you waiting for? Can’t you resist wanting to buy the ‘Best smart bulbs for Alexa in 2020’ for your home? Check them now!




Sengled Smart light bulb
Kasa Smart LB100
Wyze Bulb

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