Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw in 2020

Are you looking forward to trying your hands at cutting firewood?

The only thing you need then is a best wood cutting chainsaw.

Different people have different options which they look for, in a chainsaw before buying one.

And it is entirely all right to go over several options for the same type of product. You can call it consumer satisfaction.

In this guide, we will be giving you a brief overview of how to choose the best wood cutting chainsaw.

So buckle up!




Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw in 2020
Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw in 2020
Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw in 2020
Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw in 2020
Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw in 2020

What is a chainsaw?

You must know that in earlier times, people used an axe or saw to cut firewood. Indeed wood was essential and still is.

Ever since man went on to find out the usefulness of wood, we haven’t stopped.

People cut wood to make houses, light them up to generate heat, and procure fuel to sustain themselves.

Since it is the modern age, we have also made our techniques to get wood – modern. That is why chainsaw came into being.

It is just an electric version of a saw which was earlier used by humans.

Best wood cutting saw is in demand now! For the ever-growing industries and businesses who need wood on an extended scale.

Our traditional methods of cutting wood using an axe and saw were slow and while the industrial sector was booming. Hence, the need for best wood cutting chainsaw saw a rise.

Why do we need the best wood cutting chainsaw?

Wood is obtained from the trunks of dried and dead trees. This needs a lot of energy and is very time-consuming. In such times all we need is some tool which makes our work easy.

“Chainsaw is one such tool”.

We don’t want any severe injury or the chainsaw tool to be damaged or worked out. We want a long-lasting, workable and useful model of the best wood cutting chainsaw.

Over the next few minutes, we will be discussing a few characteristics of the best wood cutting chainsaw and what to know.

After that, we’ll share with you our recommendations of – the best wood cutting chainsaw.

Do look forward to it.

The characteristics of a best wood cutting chainsaw-

There are hundreds, if not thousands of products claiming to be best wood cutting chainsaw in the market, however, as a consumer one must always keep an open eye and know how to choose the best product out of the lot.

These are the few characteristics to keep in mind before buying the best wood cutting chainsaw of your choice.


The most important thing to keep in mind before buying the best wood cutting chainsaw is to get to know more about its engine.

Just like any mechanical object like a car and bike has its engine specifications which help in wear and tear of that object. Similarly, there is an engine in chainsaw.

An engine of the chainsaw will be the one doing all the work, and thus it becomes imperative to find one which is right for your needs.

The thicker the wood you are cutting is in diameter, the more robust engine you need to just cut through it.

For example- If the wood is 22 inches in diameter and you are using a chainsaw with 30cc engine, it will hardly help you. But an engine of 65cc power will just help you cut the logs with ease and won’t consume your precious time.


Now since our preference is to find the best wood cutting chainsaw, we must also gather information on the companies which are into making the best wood cutting chainsaws.

Ethical manufacturing enhances the brand image and reputation, which does incur a lot of sales just by the name of it. There are many companies which claim to be the best manufacturers of wood cutting chainsaw.

The better and known the company is, the higher comes the price tag. But the main reason we are looking for a proper manufacturer is because of the internal parts of the chainsaw.

No matter what any best wood cutting chainsaw is bound to breakdown and would need replacement of some parts at a time. So always go for a manufacturer who will not only just make promises but also fulfil excellent customer support by having all essential parts in spare when needed.


We don’t get best wood cutting chainsaw without guiding bar of a chainsaw. A bar is that long blade used to cut through wood and wooden logs.

The size of the bar is as important as the power of the engine because the engine and bar go hand in hand.

The engine powers the bar which cuts through the wood.

There are different sizes of a bar, one under 16 inches is good for menial trimming or pruning work.

A bar, sized anywhere between 16-18 inches comes in the middle range. It handles most of the medium logs except for a huge log.

The biggest bar -above 18 inches of size, cuts smoothly through the thickest of logs.

So put your gear on, choose your bars and engines. We are getting closer to finding the best wood cutting chainsaw in the market.

The best wood cutting chainsaws run on different mediums mainly- batteries, electricity and gas. So you can find the one you are most compatible with.

Here, we would recommend some of the best wood cutting chainsaws (via Amazon). We hope you go through them and find the best amongst them.


DeWalt Flexvolt Chainsaw 1

We would like to start with the best wood cutting chainsaw according to us. This product is ‘DeWalt Flexvolt’.

It is managed by “DeWalt” which is known for its collection of best wood cutting chainsaws.

You can buy the chainsaw with or without the batteries. It is powered by one 60V battery and guarantees two voltages at the same time.

It is easy to carry and makes no noise, so you don’t have to cover your ears. The automatic turn-on and off trigger are our mates!

DeWalt also guarantees 70 cuts per charge with its 16” guiding bar. Another reason to buy!

Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw

Next, we would like to talk about is this powerful best wood cutting chainsaw called ‘Greenworks Cordless chainsaw’.

This product by “Greenworks” is amongst Amazon’s best choices. The manufacturer guarantees 75 cuts with 12” guiding bars.

Not only this, but it is also powered by 40V battery and is very pocket friendly.

The user can manipulate the handle as per their convenience.

The oiling part is to be done carefully

BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw

Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw

The first product we would like to recommend to our readers is this magnificent ‘Black+ Decker Cordless Chainsaw’. It is presumably one of the best wood cutting chainsaw in the market.

Digging a bit deeper this chainsaw is manufactured by one of the leading chainsaw producers “Black+ Decker”. The company has been in business for over 100 years- since 1910 and is a veteran in the business. So we can trust the brand.

Coming to the chainsaw, let us talk about specifications. The product can be bought in 5 different style variations, as desired by the consumer.

Operations:  The Black Decker chainsaw is cordless because it can be operated with batteries. The batteries must be 40Volts MAX Lithium-Ion battery. The company guarantees this results in robust and more extended performance.

Bar and Oiling: This chainsaw has 12” premium bar. You cannot do self-oiling since the chainsaw comes with an automatic oiling facility.

Now let us come to our views on the product: The “Black+ Decker” chainsaw isn’t one of the revolutionary chainsaws as such. There are much better products from the same company.

Since the bar is 12” (inches), you cannot just dig into a massive log of wood and aspire for it to be cut smoothly with such low measure of a bar. At most, you can trim or prunes the twigs or branches.

Every consumer is valuable and needs to know the PROS and CONS of the product. Let’s discuss some of them-


  • The best wood cutting chainsaw is one which doesn’t hurt you in either way. This product is one of the noiseless chainsaw product as compared to the ones which are powered by gas.
  • It is one of the cheapest chainsaws in the market and can give the consumer a run for their money.
  • The cordless feature of the chainsaw is the most convenient. You don’t have to hassle around with wire all over. The product happens to be lightweight and can be used by anyone.
  • The batteries are rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about finding the power outlet or running out of gas.


  • As we have discussed, the bar of the chainsaw is too little for massive trees. You cannot expect it to cut down a huge tree.
  • Every person who knows how to use a chainsaw knows the importance of oiling their chainsaw. However, because of the automatic oiling, consumers don’t have any say in this.

Makita XCU03Z LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless

Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw

Another product we have with us is this powerful and one of the best wood cutting chainsaw ever on Amazon. Let us discuss some of the notable features.

This product is called Makita XCU03Z 18V and is manufactured by some of the leading chainsaw makers “Makita”. This is a Lithium-Ion cordless chainsaw and is one of the bestsellers from Makita.

The product also comes with five different style variants.

Operations: This chainsaw product by Makita (Brushless motor driving system) is cordless and is operated on batteries. The batteries must be two 18 Volts Lithium-Ion batteries (equivalent to 36V). One need not worry about having to refuel gas and is easy to be carried.

Bar and oiling: The guiding bar is of 14” (inches) and can be used in trimming and pruning.

This product is rated 4.6 out of 5 on The built-in lock-off feature doesn’t allow the blade from slipping

Let us talk about Pros and Cons now-


  • This is a cordless model of a chainsaw and thus is easy to carry. One must not worry about refilling the gas or finding a plug to connect the socket of the plug.
  • It is lightweight and can be carried around anywhere without having to bear too much weight and straining ourselves.
  • You don’t have to worry about the saw hurting you while it’s still on after work. The chainsaw has an auto switch on and off which stops once you keep it aside. This extends battery life.
  • This chainsaw product doesn’t generate noise or produce any smoke. So the consumer doesn’t have to worry about anything or be scared of!
  • One can lubricate the chainsaw with oil as per their convenience with guaranteed better performance.


  • The batteries are to be recharged again and again for reuse.
  • It is more expensive than other cord operated wood cutting chainsaws available in the market.
  • Since it is a self-oiling product, there are chances of the oil leaking if not perfectly lubricated.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw

The last product on our list is this power-packed chainsaw from Husqvarna. It is amongst the high-rated and best wood cutting chainsaw on Amazon and in the market.

It is the top preference of every chainsaw lover. Another best part is you get to choose from 4 different patterns of buying the chainsaw.

You get to choose the guide bar, which varies with two different styles. The first is 18 inches while the other is 20 inches. With this variation, you can cut a middle-range log and even long trunk of a tree.

This product is known for its reliability, and it is unbeatable amongst the best wood cutting chainsaws.

Operations: The wood cutting chainsaw by Husqvarna is ideal for those looking for high-powered chainsaws. Husqvarna Rancher has a 55cc engine. The chainsaw is gas-operated as compared to its competitors who are battery operated.

Guiding Bar and Oiling: This chainsaw comes with 18 and 20-inch guide bars. The chain oiler is automatic and guarantees effective performance.

The bars can be used to climb the trees and cut through massive logs of firewood and types of hardwood.

This product is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on

The pros and cons are as follows-


  • The Husqvarna Rancher is easy to use and can be easily handled.
  • It is safe to use as it has activated brake chain while operating.
  • The quick, safe chain tensioning system helps for quick chain adjustments.
  • You can easily clean and replace the filter because of the quick-release air filter.
  • The product is operated on gas, so more prolonged usage is guaranteed.


  • This product can be slightly expensive.
  • You cannot trim and prune small twigs since the product is advanced.
  • Air pollution is abundant due to gas usage.
  • The product is heavy-weighted and noise-emitting.
  • The user has to wear protective gear and earpieces to be protected from the noise. In general, any gas-operated chainsaw needs a gear.

So there we conclude our list. We hope you become a potential owner of the best wood cutting chainsaw in the market.




Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw in 2020
Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw in 2020
Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw in 2020
Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw in 2020
Best Wood Cutting Chainsaw in 2020

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