Big emotions on Norwegian Encore

Big emotions on Norwegian Encore


BOARDING: Big emotions on the Norwegian Encore

Loose the moorings: The final episode of “EMBARK – The Series” is an episode full of emotions. The first passengers board the Norwegian Encore after the long forced break. Currency? Adventure awaits you in Alaska!

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Seattle’s scenic and water-rich backdrop has long been known not only as the location of the “Grey’s Anatomy” television series. The Pacific Northwest metropolis of the United States has one of the most important ports on the West Coast. It was from there that Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) set sail 21 years ago as the first shipping company to organize cruises to Alaska.

Reason enough to start another operation and instead of “Grey’s Anatomy” to watch “EMBARK – The Series”. The emotions of the last episode are concentrated: After more than 500 days of mandatory hiatus during which cruise ships around the world were in ports instead of crossing oceans, NCL’s first cruise from a US port is starting to be a epic destination. Norwegian Encore is en route to Alaska on the west coast of the United States.

There is excitement in the air as passengers at the Port of Seattle first meet the crew upon boarding. “Excited, ecstatic, emotional” is how the guests describe the moment when they take their first steps aboard the ship and finally feel the feeling they have been waiting for so long: to set off on a long voyage on a ship. NCL cruise. A passenger sums up: “This is the day we have been waiting for for 15 months. When I was greeted with ‘Welcome home’ my heart melted! “

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This emotion is not only palpable among the passengers, but also among the crew. “Seeing the first guest arrive along the catwalk was very emotional,” says Klaus Lugmaier, regional vice president Fleet Hotel Operations. “It was like coming home. You have tears in your eyes as you walk around the ship. The joy of being able to work again and the feeling that the world finally seems to turn around after a long standstill is overwhelming.

This is also one of the reasons why NCL decided to accompany this process with the camera. “From the start, our goal was to give our customers an overview of the preparations for our big cruise return,” said Harry Sommer, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line. “Given the uncertainty that many of us have been through over the past few months, we wanted to reassure our guests that we are doing everything possible to provide them with the safest vacation experience while taking the time to improve what’s on board. “

Strong images and emotions were captured with the camera.

The time in Seattle is unforgettable for everyone, and so is the destination in Alaska. Because the return of the cruise holds many surprises for the passengers of the brand new ship in the NCL fleet. In addition to the familiar and upscale culinary offering and award-winning entertainment program, this itinerary also features new ports, attractions and excursions. In the latest episode, NCL shows that life on the oceans is not only possible again, but more magical than before. “With ‘EMBARK – The Series’, we were able to document how we kept our commitment. This last episode is very moving and clearly shows how happy our guests and our crew are to be at sea with us again ”, rejoices Harry Sommer. “It’s time for Norwegian Cruise Line to shine! Frank del Rio, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, sums up the mission: “Our goal is to make thousands and thousands of guests happy every day.

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It’s time to hit the “Play” button – and watch “EMBARK – The Series”. With the start of preparations for the resumption of cruises in July 2021, Norwegian Cruise Line has launched the new documentary series “EMBARK – The Series”. The return of the international cruise line to the oceans is followed in five episodes and you will be able to see how the NCL fleet prepares for its restart and leaves.

The fifth and final episode “Adventure Awaits” has been available since Friday, October 1, 2021. Previous episodes of “EMBARK – The Series” and other “EMBARK with NCL” content, which among other things brings the viewer closer to on-board entertainment of the NCL fleet, can also be found there.

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Episode 5 “Adventures Await – An Adventure Awaits”

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