Close the hatches: France is preparing for 6 days of storms

Close the hatches France is preparing for 6 days of

On Tuesday June 22, three months of rain fell in one day in the city of Beauvais, in the north of the country, causing flooding and collisions on the roads. While Friday, June 18, thousands of homes in southwestern France were without electricity after violent night storms after a heatwave in early summer ended in a thunderclap.

And after a brief respite, there’s more on the way – starting this weekend, as the 2021 Tour de France kicks off in Brittany.

A few thunderstorms are possible in the north of the country on Saturday, but all weather eyes are on the southwest, where large thunderstorm cells are expected to develop from the end of the afternoon.

The Météo-France forecast for Saturday evening. Image: Météo-France

Météo-France forecasts indicated that “thunderstorms could start as early as Saturday afternoon [in parts of south west France] … But they should multiply during the night and during the day on Sunday ”.

The weekend will end with sometimes violent thunderstorms, with heavy rains and strong winds, expected over most of the country.

The Météo-France forecast for Sunday evening. Image: Météo-France

Forecasters have said the cause of this latest round of thunderstorms is a weather phenomenon known as the “cold drop” – an isolated cold air mass surrounded by areas of warmer air.

A cold drop will occupy us these next 7 days with #thunderstorms daily scheduled, sometimes strong between Sunday and Tuesday in particular.
Evacuation of the system is planned for the end of next week, to be confirmed.

– Keraunos (@KeraunosObs) June 24, 2021

As the animation by storm watchers Keraunos shows, this problematic mass of storm-causing cold air that has traveled from Britain is expected to bounce around France for several days.

The Météo-France forecast for Monday evening. Image: Météo-France

Temperatures will remain below normal for the season across much of the country, as forecasters expect storms to bubble towards the end of the day from Monday to Thursday at least.

The Météo-France forecast for Tuesday evening. Image: Météo-France

Forecasters admit that the scenario might change a bit depending on the behavior of the cold drip, which might go away faster than models predict. But the consensus is that rain and thunderstorms are to be expected for a few days.

Storms are not unusual this time of year – they are more common in France in June, July and August, with an average of 15 to 20 stormy days each summer. We will be at the bottom of that average by the end of next week.

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