French woman charged with death of Italian pedestrian in electric scooter accident in Paris

French woman charged with death of Italian pedestrian in electric

The woman, who is a nurse, is suspected of having driven the scooter that hit the 32-year-old Italian, a source close to the investigation said on Sunday, asking to remain anonymous.

The incident has reignited debate over the security risks of allowing the hugely popular devices on the busy streets of Paris.

The woman was charged on Saturday night with manslaughter, aggravated by the flight and willful neglect in the June 14 accident.

She was released but placed under judicial supervision before trial.

The suspect was arrested Thursday with another young woman after 10 days of searching for the driver of the scooter. The other woman was released on Friday.

The accident happened as Italian Miriam S., born in Rome but living in Paris, was in the pedestrian zone to socialize with colleagues. She was talking to a friend when she was hit by the scooter with two people on board
who both fled.

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She died of her injuries two days later, on June 16.

The scooters have angered many residents and some city councilors who say they are cluttering already crowded sidewalks and plazas. In 2019, an 80-year-old man was struck and killed in the Paris suburb of Levallois-Perret, and last year a 75-year-old woman was killed in Paris after being struck by an electric scooter.

Officially they are banned on sidewalks and only one cyclist is allowed, but enforcement is rare and many cyclists, including tourists, ignore or ignore the rules.

Paris also has a speed limit on electric scooters of 20 km / h (12 mph) and prohibits parking them on sidewalks or public places, where they are often strewn about standing or knocked over.

An April survey of 237 users by Axa Prevention, which is part of the Axa insurance group, found that 79% of them admitted to driving on sidewalks, while 66% said they would pass the roads. yellow traffic lights instead of stopping.

In 2020, 78 pedestrians were injured in France after being struck by electric scooters or so-called “personal transporters” – such as gyropods and electric skateboards – according to the road safety agency Road Safety.

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