German woman found after two days of disappearance in remote woods

German woman found after two days of disappearance in remote

“She is alive, but suffers from hypothermia and has been taken to hospital,” a spokesman for the Bavarian Police Headquarters said of Julia, an eight-year-old girl from Berlin.

A Czech forestry worker allegedly found her after a massive manhunt in which hundreds of emergency workers from both sides of the German-Czech border were mobilized to hunt through trees and rocks dense.

Julia disappeared in the forests of the border region of the Czech Republic during a walk with her parents on Sunday in the vicinity of the Cherchov mountain.

According to the police, Julia, her brother and a cousin disappeared in the woods and their parents could not find them. After calling emergency services, the two boys were located but no one could find Julia.

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Some 1,400 rescue workers from Bavaria and the Czech Republic participated in the search in the area between the towns of Waldmünchen, Furth im Wald and Domazlice.

The Bavarian Red Cross described it as the largest cross-border search operation that has ever taken place in the region. “The fact that it was possible to find the child is tantamount to a miracle,” the rescue service said on Facebook.

Rescue workers were in action for two days and two nights and were supported by 115 search dogs, police helicopters and drones equipped with thermal cameras.

With much of the area impassable due to boulders and crevices as well as dense tree cover, and with temperatures approaching freezing at night, police feared “grave and life-threatening danger”.

As late as Tuesday morning, authorities feared his chances of survival were dwindling hour by hour.

“We mobilized everything, the riot police, the dog squads, the helicopters with thermal cameras, the drones and the search teams of the Alpine Task Force. In the end, it was a bit of luck that a Czech forester involved in the search operation found the girl, ”said Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann.

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