Germany to speed up vaccinations as Delta variant spreads

Germany to speed up vaccinations as Delta variant spreads

Germany will soon have so many vaccines against Covid-19 that it will be able to distribute them to passers-by in city centers and places of worship, health officials said on Saturday.

Speaking in a televised discussion of the health situation in Germany, Spahn said the country needed to speed up its vaccination rollout as the Delta variant spreads across Europe, Reuters reported.

According to Spahn, “By the end of July, every adult in Germany who wants to be vaccinated will also be able to receive a first vaccine. If deliveries continue like this, maybe even a little earlier, ”quoted German broadcaster ZDF.

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The German government intends to deliver 5 million doses to vaccination centers across the country during the first week of July, he added.

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In addition, the Minister of Health indicated that the pharmaceutical company Moderna should double the promised doses.

The drugmaker plans to deliver some 5.32 million doses of the vaccine in July, 10.28 million in August and up to 14.5 million doses in September, Deutsche Welle news outlet reported.

In the coming week, 5 million doses from Anglo-Swedish vaccine producer AstraZeneca and one million doses from US producer Johnson & Johnson are due to be delivered to vaccination centers across the country as well as to doctors, it has been announced. . A major delivery from BioNTech is also pending.

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According to the Minister of Health, hundreds of thousands of vaccines from AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson are not used immediately.

On Saturday, Spahn tweeted that Germany was ahead of Britain for the first time, in terms of the absolute number of people vaccinated.

Over 71.4 million COVID-19 vaccinations in 🇩🇪 to date: 44.3 million citizens (53.3%) have been vaccinated at least once, more than one in three (34.8% / 28, 9 million) enjoys full vaccine protection. This means that 🇩🇪 for the absolute number of first vaccinations is available for the first time 🇬🇧.

– Jens Spahn (@jensspahn) June 26, 2021

More than half of people in Germany, 53.3%, have received at least one dose and more than a third (34.8%) are now fully vaccinated, the tweet said.

The chairman of the public health agency, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Lothar Wieler, joined the discussion to echo the need to increase the administration of immunization.

He said it was “the most powerful tool” against the pandemic.

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“We are talking about over 80% of the people living in our country,” Wieler said when asked how many people needed to be vaccinated.

“We have to reach that figure in order to have basic protection,” he added.

Although the health situation is improving in Germany, the share of Delta Covid variant infections among new cases in the country is increasing.

Spahn said the Delta variant outbreaks in Britain and Israel have shown the need for Germany to step up its vaccination campaign.

A single dose of the vaccine has been shown to offer little protection against the Delta variant, so German experts are looking to narrow the gap between the two doses in order to mitigate the risks.

Spahn also said it is also everyone’s responsibility to contain epidemics and avoid a fourth wave.

“We have in our hands, each of us and us as a society, that this good summer, which it can become, on the one hand remains good and on the other hand autumn and winter become everything. also good, ”he said.

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