Germany unveils the first autonomous train

Germany unveils the first autonomous train

Four of those trains will join the northern city’s S-Bahn rapid urban rail network and start carrying passengers from December, using existing rail infrastructure.

Other cities like Paris have driverless subways while airports often have automated monorail trains running through terminals, but these operate on exclusive single tracks while the Hamburg train will share tracks with other trains. regular.

The project, which Siemens and Deutsche Bahn called a “world first”, is part of a € 60 million ($ 70 million) modernization of Hamburg’s rapid urban rail system.

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Deutsche Bahn CEO Richard Lutz said automated trains offer a “more reliable” service “without having to lay a single kilometer of new track.”

“We are making rail transport smarter,” said Roland Busch, CEO of Siemens, estimating that automated trains can carry “up to 30% more passengers, dramatically improve punctuality and save over 30% energy. “.

Although the train is digitally controlled and fully automated, a driver will always be present to supervise the journeys whenever there are passengers on board, the companies said in a statement.

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