How to Avoid Sitting Next to Babies on an Airplane

How to Avoid Sitting Next to Babies on an Airplane

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Can I avoid sitting next to a baby on the plane?

Do you like babies – but not when they’re sitting right next to you on the plane and squealing? With these tips, you’ll have a better chance of getting a seat that isn’t next to a toddler.

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The idea alone is a test of the nerves: in flight, a toddler roars for several hours. In an investigation under an article on such a case, we asked our readers if they would dig deeper into their pockets for a long-haul flight without children.

This question divides: 52% see no reason for this, 24% think the idea is not bad and 24% say they want to pay more for such an offer. This option does not exist yet – however, Japan Airlines implemented a different solution some time ago. An infant symbol appears in the airline’s seat reservation system when passengers with children under the age of two have reserved seats. This way, other passengers can choose their own seat as far away from the potential troublemaker as possible. Opinions on this feature are mixed.

Such functions did not yet exist with German airlines. At the request of RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND), Lufthansa announced: “Lufthansa does not plan to have this type of labeling. Regular customer surveys have revealed no need in this regard. “

However, there are a few tips that can be used to minimize the chances of sitting next to babies. Frequent travelers and flight attendants reveal what you can do:

Minimize noise pollution

Reserve a seat as far as possible from the bulkheads of the aircraft cabin. In most airplanes, these “bulkheads” or bulkheads are the only devices parents can use to securely attach an infant seat.

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The odds of sitting next to a toddler under a year old are especially high here. This is what reports an experienced flight attendant on the hotel testing platform “Oyster”.

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One user of the “Travel” platform recommends wearing noise-canceling headphones – or reserving a seat in a higher category. Fewer babies would probably fly here than in economy class.

clear the way

to offer

Train your entertainment talent

If nothing else works, then it definitely is: take the situation calmly! Introduce yourself to the child and his parents and keep him busy with cuckoo games, for example.

If this were to annoy you at some point in the aftermath of the robbery, you have at least one stone in the board with the offspring and producers. As long as you stay friendly, of course.

Note to editors: This text first appeared in May 2018. We updated it in January 2022.

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