Lebanon power cut to last for days, official says

Lebanon has no centrally generated electricity after the country’s two largest power plants were shut down due to fuel shortages, a government official told Reuters on Saturday.

“The Lebanese power grid completely shut down at noon today, and it is unlikely to operate until next Monday, or for several days,” the official said.

The thermoelectric plant shut down at the Zahrani plant, after the Deir Ammar plant shutdown on Friday due to a fuel shortage.

The official said the state power company will try to use the army’s fuel reserves to temporarily run power plants, but that won’t happen anytime soon.

A woman and a child walk past a portable generator in Sidon in this photo taken on August 11. Power cuts have ravaged the country in recent months and many businesses and homes have turned to using private generators for electricity. (Aziz Taher / Reuters)

Many Lebanese normally depend on private diesel generators, although these are rare.

Lebanon was crippled by an economic crisis, which worsened as supplies of imported fuel dried up. The Lebanese currency has fallen 90% since 2019.

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