Map shows where fires could currently endanger the holidays

Map shows where fires could currently endanger the holidays

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Forest fires in Spain: what you need to know for a vacation

Spain is fighting forest fires in September 2021, Andalusia with the Costa del Sol holiday region is particularly affected. We show where the fire is – and what travelers need to know for their vacation.

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In southern Spain, firefighters are battling a major forest fire that broke out in the forested mountains of Andalusia on Wednesday. The flames made their way across the country from the foot of the Sierra Bermeja mountain range.

In five days, the fire destroyed a good 7,700 hectares of forest, as reported by the “Costa Nachrichten”. This corresponds to an area of ​​more than 10,800 football pitches. Several villages had to be evacuated and the inhabitants took refuge in the town of Ronda. This overview explains exactly where fires are blazing, whether vacations or free cancellation are possible.

Where are forest fires blazing in Andalusia?

The Großfreuer still weaves its way through the landscape of the Sierra Bermeja 80 kilometers southwest of Malaga, near the coastal community of Estepona, popular with holidaymakers. In the meantime, two fires have formed: one in the Genal valley and the other near the town of Casares. Several places had to be evacuated: Júzcar, Genalguacil, Jubrique, Faraján, Pujerra and Alpandeire.

The towns of Algatócín, Benaularía, Benadalid and Atajate are also threatened. They are all in the mountains, the coastal areas are no longer threatened. Initially, over 1,000 people in Estepona had to leave their apartments and houses, but they were able to return.

Slowly there is also some hope, because according to the Spanish weather service Aemet it is expected to rain and be cooler from Monday afternoon until at least Tuesday. A NASA map shows where forest fires are currently raging in Spain.

Hello. Intense night on all fronts of the #IFJubrique. We worked in better conditions in general around the perimeter. At this time, our efforts are aimed at containing the eastern flank and its advance towards Casares and Monte Duque. #VamosINFOCA

– INFOCA (@Plan_INFOCA) September 13, 2021

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Can my holidays take place in Andalusia?

In general, travelers should know before departure or departure if their vacation destination is near forest fires – then contact the organizer. At present, however, apparently no vacation spots served by German package tour operators are affected.

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Can I cancel the planned vacation?

If your own vacation region is affected by forest fires and the traveler does not want to drive, an upcoming package trip may be canceled free of charge due to extraordinary circumstances. “In the case of a package tour, the organizer must then reimburse the price,” travel lawyer Paul Degott told the reisereporter.

The prerequisite for tour operators to reimburse all costs to their customers is that the fire has occurred in the immediate vicinity of the holiday destination and that there are specific deficiencies. This includes, for example, ash rains or the evacuation of the seaside resort, informs the consumer center of Rhineland-Palatinate. Package travelers should always withdraw from the trip in writing. The consumer area, for example, provides model letters for this purpose.

If the holiday destination is in an affected country, but far from the fires, the right to cancel free of charge cannot be exercised – unless the organizers or hosts offer accommodating arrangements. Because: “The simple fear of forest fires does not justify a free resignation”, estimates Degott.

Individual travelers should check the contractual conditions of their flight and the accommodation they have booked. Basically: If a flight is flown and accommodation is available, there is no right to free cancellation.

Holidays in a few weeks cannot be canceled free of charge

If you didn’t want to leave in the next few days anyway, you would have to wait and see, advises lawyer Roosbeh Karimi from Berlin. There is no right to free cancellation for trips which do not have to start for a few weeks. He advises “to cancel at very short notice if necessary. We cannot predict when the fires will be extinguished. For the issue of cancellation, however, it depends on whether the specific trip will be significantly impaired. It cannot be said weeks in advance.

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