NCL’s return from cruising in a new series

NCLs return from cruising in a new series


EMBARK – The Series: the return cruise of NCL in a new series

Instead of Netflix and the chill, there is now pure vacation anticipation: Norwegian Cruise Line’s (NCL) new five-part documentary “EMBARK – The Series” takes you on a cruise – and shows exciting information about the great return of the cruise of the shipping company.

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500 days. This is the length of time that the ships of the international cruise line around the world rest quietly in ports instead of crossing oceans. The world had to press the “pause” button, travel plans had to be postponed, passengers and crew had to stay at home.

Boarding Series

15 months later, it’s a big sigh of relief. The world continues to turn, a little slower than before, but full of hope and with many projects. It’s time to hit the “Play” button – and watch “EMBARK – The Series”. With the start of preparations for the resumption of cruises in July 2021, Norwegian Cruise Line has launched the new documentary series “EMBARK – The Series”. The return of the international cruise line to the oceans is followed in five episodes and you will be able to see how the NCL fleet prepares for its restart and leaves.

NCL Headquarters in Miami. A large meeting room, faces full of expectations. Frank del Rio, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, meets with other company executives. The first steps are discussed together, how the resumption of cruises should take place. It is clear to everyone: “The big comeback of cruising should be special! Above all, safety on board ships and the effort that “despite all the Covid measures, restarting NCL will be an unforgettable experience”.

“I consider it my obligation not to start a cruise if I don’t feel 100% safe,” says Frank del Rio. This is why the most important innovation at NCL is a holistic concept of health and safety. Experts have worked for months on a process designed to protect passengers and crew. Only vaccinated people are allowed on board and online check-in is mandatory. It even saves time compared to before, as passengers only need to undergo a health check and an on-site identity check when boarding.

Here you can find all the information about the series

The health check is innovative: in a few seconds, the temperature of the passengers and the oxygen saturation of the blood are measured with a pulse oximeter. This concept of safety ensures that everyone on board can feel safe and comfortable. NCL is restarting in close collaboration with local governments and in accordance with the strict protocols of the Sail Safe health and safety program, which are continually reviewed and made through science-based decisions to protect guests, crew and destinations.

On the set of the series “EMBARQUER”

Change of scenery in the hipster neighborhood of Wynwood in Miami. Where tourists normally roam the colorful streets, it has become quieter. Also at Wynwood Brewing Company, where Miami’s first craft beer is brewed. Here too, operations have stopped for a long time. The pandemic has hit many people around the world, from large companies to small start-ups.

Frank del Rio and his team understand that NCL is more than just operating the NCL fleet. There are many cogs in play when a cruise ship leaves, not only the crew on board, but also countless suppliers and producers ashore.

The global cruise industry has suffered a loss of 70 billion euros in the past year and a half. “EMBARK – The Series” is not only about returning to the oceans, but also the human side and an honest look behind the scenes with lots of personal conversations.

Change of scenery in New York on Broadway. Music blasts from the speakers, dancers whirl around the room. The strict measures made singing and dancing impossible for months, so the joy and passion are all the greater today. NCL’s extensive entertainment program can finally be staged again, rehearsals are in full swing. Here on Broadway, up to 24 shows are repeated for NCL, and there is a backstage hustle and bustle too. For example, in the musical “Kinky Boots”, one of the most popular shows in the NCL fleet, 200 costumes can be seen in just 45 minutes!

Impressive performances not only in terms of acting, but also in terms of costumes.

The desire to finally roll around the world again is gigantic, it is felt every minute of the documentary series. For the production of the series, NCL hired VIVA Creative’s Emmy-winning production team to capture the conversations and recordings behind the scenes.

“GETTING ON BOARD with NCL was born out of the need to stay in touch with our extended family of guests, partners and NCL team members, even during the pandemic. At the same time, the different series allow us to share our journey back to the high seas, ”explains Christine Da Silva, vice president of communications and events at NCL.

Here you can go on a cruise with EMBARK

Episode 1 “The great return of cruising – The great return of cruising”

Episode 2 “Second to None – Unübertroffen”

Episode 3 “Everyone on the Deck – alle Mann an Deck”

Episode 4 “Welcome aboard – welcome aboard”

Episode 5 “Adventures Await – An Adventure Awaits”

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