Norwegian police question arch killer’s Muslim faith

Norwegian police question arch killers Muslim faith

Police Inspector Per Thomas Omholt told reporters ongoing investigations reinforced the idea that the suspect, Danish citizen Espen Andersen Brathen who admitted to the murders, had mental health issues.

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However, “the idea is that he did not take (the conversion) very seriously. By that we mean that he did not follow or practice the traditions that are common in this culture and this religion, ”said the inspector.

The Nettavisen website posted a video that Brathen allegedly posted to social media in 2017, in which he issued a “warning” and declared his Muslim faith.

Four women and a man died and three others were wounded in the assault on the southeastern city of Kongsberg on Wednesday.

It was Norway’s deadliest attack in a decade.

Brathen, 37, has been held in a medical facility pending a psychiatric assessment.

“All indications are that he picked his victims at random” and acted on his own, said Omholt, describing Brathen as “not very social”.

Police also named the dead: Andrea Meyer, 52, Hanne Merethe Englund, 56, Liv Berit Borge, 75, Gunnar Erling Sauve, 75 and Gun Marith Madsen, 78.

The three injured people, who have not been identified, have all been released from the hospital.

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