Odisha Nandankanan Zoo Reopens to Visitors After 3 Months | Travel

Bhubaneswar Nandankandan Zoological Park reopened after a 94-day hiatus today.

Sanjeet Kumar, deputy director of Nandankanan Zoo, informed that the priority is to protect everyone from the virus and let them enjoy and experience nature.

“Our priority is to protect everyone from Covid, whether they are animals or people. We want people to enjoy and learn about nature. Covid standards such as social distancing, wearing a mask and disinfection is taken care of. Those who flout Covid standards will be fined, “Kumar said.

He also said measures such as shifts would be considered in the event of increased attendance and provided advice on how to book his tickets.

“We expect attendance to be less than ten thousand people per day. In the event that attendance increases, we will consider measures such as shifts to separate people and ensure social distancing. People can book their tickets. tickets online through the zoo’s website and app. However, there is no rescheduling at this time, ”Kumar added.

The visitors were very happy and delighted with their experience at the zoo after such a long time.

“The zoo is big. It has a lot of great animals. Our Indian zoos are good and people must visit. All Covid standards are followed even though my family and I are fully vaccinated,” said Deepak, a tourist from Gujarat .

“We have been waiting for the zoo to reopen for a long time. It is well run, clean and the Covid corms are being tracked,” said Rupesh, another tourist.

Earlier in March of this year, Odisha had resumed imposing closures and curfews due to the increase in Covid-19 cases which led to the second wave of the pandemic.

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