Problems with the construction, fabrication and design of the Keystone XL pipeline described in the US report

A U.S. government watchdog has uncovered multiple issues with the construction, manufacture and design of the Keystone XL pipeline, validating President Joe Biden’s decision to revoke his license, leaders of several House Democratic committees said on Monday. .

Committee leaders requested the Government Accountability Office (GAO) report in November 2019 after more than 11,000 barrels of crude oil leaked from the pipeline in two versions in less than two years.

“In its extensive review of the history and construction of the pipeline, GAO found that preventable construction issues were contributing to current Keystone pipeline spills more frequently than industry-wide trends,” said they stated in a statement.

Keystone’s four largest spills were “caused by problems with the original design, pipe fabrication, or pipeline construction,” the report said.

“Health and the environment above the interests of industry”

Biden canceled the Keystone XL license on the first day of his tenure on January 20, dealing a fatal blow to a long-running project that would have transported 830,000 barrels per day of heavy oil sands crude from Alberta to Nebraska , where it would connect with the existing Keystone pipeline that connects Gulf Coast refineries.

The move effectively canceled the project, with Calgary-based power producer TC Energy announcing the same day that it was suspending work on the pipeline.

“TC Energy’s record among its peers is one of the worst in terms of volume of oil spilled per mile transported,” a statement from lawmakers said.

They included representatives Peter DeFazio, chairman of the transport committee, Frank Pallone, chairman of the energy and trade committee, Donald Payne, chairman of a sub-committee on railways and pipelines and Bobby Rush, chairman. an energy subcommittee. said lawmakers.

“President Biden was clearly right to question this operator’s ability to build a safe and resilient pipeline, and we support his decision to put the health and environment of Americans above the interests of industry,” they declared.

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