So there is order in the suitcase

So there is order in the suitcase

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1. Unpack the suitcase or live out of the suitcase?

The question is almost as old as that of the chicken and the egg: should you unpack your suitcase when traveling? Of course, this has to do with your personal preferences, but also with how you packed your suitcase in the first place.

If you’re the chaos type and throw everything away one way or another, unboxing can hardly be avoided. But if you put your things neat and neat, you can easily live out of the suitcase.

2. Pack wisely

The question that remains is what is meant by “packaging sensibly”. The practice is relatively simple: the clothes are stacked by theme. T-shirts on T-shirts, pants on pants, dresses on dresses. The individual batteries in the suitcase make sense and act like a mini closet where you can find everything without having to unpack it.

Wrapping sensibly is the main thing – the clothes are just stacked by theme. (Symbol image)

3. Invest in packing cubes

Packing cubes, in which you can pack and store your clothes well, are useful for thematic packaging and against chaos in the hotel room. In the suitcase they help you to put more space, in the hotel room you can use the Packing Cubes as a mobile organization system and leave them in the suitcase or stack them next to it.

4. Put bags and pouches

In order to quickly have certain clothes or personal items on hand, not only larger packing cubes are useful, but also smaller bags in which you can carry socks and underwear, for example.

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Don’t just throw your stuff in your suitcase – liquids can spill and electronics can be damaged quickly. Play it safe with bags and pouches. (Symbol image)

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But you also have small items like charging cables and the like, travel journals, pens and the like better under control when stored in bags or pouches. Useful: 1 liter and 5 liter freezer bags that you can easily label.

5. Organize the junk

The rings on the desk, the hairpins in the bathroom, the change on the bedside table. A few hours at the hotel are enough to distribute your junk everywhere. If you don’t want to spend hours looking for everything when you go, you need to put away anything that is small and can fly well in advance.

You don’t have to buy anything new for this either: an empty box of chewing gum, packs of effervescent tablets, or pill organizers are great for keeping small items together.

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6. Leave unnecessary items at home

Less is more, especially when traveling and in hotels. Because the less you have with you, the less chaos you can cause with it. Rule of thumb: What you “might” need, you will almost certainly never need. So it stays at home. Lots of things are already available in the hotel – from hairdryers to beach towels.

Of course, you shouldn’t have to do without important items like medicines. A first aid kit complete with bandages is unnecessary if you are not on vacation in the jungle. (Symbol image)

7. Do not distribute everything randomly in the hotel room.

The most important rule to avoid chaos in the hotel room is actually very simple: all you have to do is cover your nose and unpack your things so that you can always see them. Drawers and boxes are nasty traps – you’re sure to forget something here when you leave.

Rule of thumb: Store your things so you can always see them, so more on open shelves and on the desk than in locked dressers. If you want to hang something, then with the cabinet door open or in front: This way you really have everything in sight.

8. Let aerate

If you fill your suitcase to the limit, you will not only find yourself on vacation with wrinkled clothes, you will also leave no room for memories. Plus, there is inevitably chaos in an overcrowded suitcase – and packing definitely becomes torture on the way home.

Breathe air into your luggage – padded suitcases inevitably mean chaos. (Symbol image)

Rule of thumb: Before leaving, the suitcase should be very easy to approach, ideally there is still room for at least three items of clothing.

9. Store between the two

No doubt, when traveling we do not want to tidy up. But one thing is clear: if you organize your things a little every day in the hotel room, nothing is lost and the final packing is done faster.

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Just make a habit of cleaning up the worst mess in the morning before you leave the room. Minimize piles of clothing, remove waste, sort junk. Five minutes is enough to eliminate the worst. Plus, coming back to a tidy room is more fun.

10. Think and pack your outfits

When you pack your suitcase, you shouldn’t pick up your favorite pieces at random, but think ahead and ask yourself: How can the pieces be combined? It saves space because you avoid packing something that you can’t even use because it doesn’t go with anything.

Think in terms of outfits: don’t just put your favorite items in your suitcase at random, but think about clothes that you can combine with others. (Symbol image)

In general, it is useful to pack pieces that are more plain than colored, as this increases the possibilities for variation.

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