So you get a row of seats for yourself on the plane

So you get a row of seats for yourself on

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So you get a row of seats for yourself on the plane

Is there anything better than getting on a plane and seeing that you have a whole row of seats to yourself? So lie down with relish? Same. This increases your chances of hitting the robbery jackpot.

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Of course, what seat you get on the plane – and whether you don’t have direct seat neighbors – is often a matter of luck. However, you can play a bit in the cards if you want. Like? With these tips:

Find the best seats on the plane

First, you can check which seats are the best (or worst) on your flight. On Seat Guru, all you need to do is enter your airline, flight number and the date of your flight and you will get a seat map.

The comments explain where you have plenty of legroom, where good or bad eyesight or possibly loud background noise awaits.

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Secure a row of seats on the plane yourself

With this knowledge, you can reserve a comfortable seat directly when booking. Of course, it doesn’t help you have a row of seats all to yourself. This is where luck comes in.

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And an app: with Expert Flyer, you can check the current seat reservations for your flight until shortly before departure. If you line up and wait to get on the plane, it’s worth seeing where a row is left empty and sitting there.

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Even more tips in the video: How to do a lot of things on the plane

According to flight etiquette, however, you should ask the flight crew before simply changing seats.

Alternatively, you can talk to the gate staff when boarding and ask if the seats have become free or if other passengers want to swap their seats, for example to be able to sit together. It is often possible to be placed in a free row.

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