Summer in Oldenburg: Fancy a city trip?

Summer in Oldenburg Fancy a city trip

Fancy a city trip? Moin, Oldenburg!

Paris, New York, Tokyo – of course, all on the city trip list. But Oldenburg? Yes! Absolutely! Because the city on the Hunte has everything you need for a short trip. And much more!

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First of all: Oldenburg surprises! In all directions. Off the beaten tourist track, here you can combine nature and clean air with culture and scene. And that without flying to the other side of the world. Trendy bars and vibrant nightlife, a young cultural scene, charming shops and pubs as well as a wide range of cultural activities make Oldenburg a place you immediately fall in love with.

Lovely hosts

However, this is also due to the friendly, down-to-earth people of Oldenburg, who call you their Friendly Moin at all times of the day – usually northern Germany. And best of all: within minutes you are from the large pedestrianized area in nature or at the port with its shops, pubs and restaurants – maritime flair and a view of the water are always included. The roads are short in Oldenburg and you can already smell the sea.

A couple enjoy a beer after work at the port of Oldenburg.

Oldenburg is also easy to reach: via Bremen / Hanover, it is integrated into the long-distance network of Deutsche Bahn, which is served by IC and ICE. From the main train station you can reach the city center or one of the centrally located hotels in just a few minutes.

To see the architecture and the pleasure of shopping

There is much to discover in the historic capital of the former Free State of Oldenburg. On a guided city tour, for example, you will discover why the town hall is triangular, the Saint-Lambert church is round inside and out, and its 86-meter-high tower is still the tallest building in the city today. . There is a visit here every Saturday and Sunday.

Two friends take a cocktail break while shopping in Oldenburg.

Between the many beautiful monuments such as the Old Town Hall and Degodehaus, Lappan and Oldenburg Castle, the incomparable shopping experience begins right away: the market offers fresh local produce and you will find shops original in the pedestrian area. In many of them, the owners stand personally behind the counter and behind their products.

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Summer will be good – especially in Oldenburg

What we missed: relaxed strolling and shopping, going out and enjoying, live music and exciting exhibitions – Oldenburg makes it all possible again this summer! And the hosts provide another good reason for the city trip with two tempting hotel packages under the title “Summer in Oldenburg”. Two nights with breakfast, free entry and other extras are available for just 119 euros – including the option to cancel for free at very short notice.

Some hotels offer a rental bike for the day, which can be used by anyone wishing to explore the beautiful surrounding area. For example on the “Route around Oldenburg”, which first crosses the Ammerland, which with its small forests, fields and hedges looks like one large park. Then it passes through the Wesermarsch, which is as flat as a tablecloth – but much more colorful. Because the old half-timbered farmhouses of Moorriem are thatched and framed by lush, carefully tended gardens.

Cycling tour along the ramparts in Oldenburg.

Or you cycle through the Wildeshauser Geest nature park, a wonderful mosaic of forests, fish ponds, farmland and meadows. The whole route is a good hundred kilometers, but can be easily shortened. Because many paths lead like the spokes of a wheel to the hub in the center, around which everything revolves: in Oldenburg.
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Culture – also with children

What if the weather doesn’t play the game? When it’s wet and cold outside? No problem in Oldenburg, because there are many cultural institutions as well as museums and exhibition houses which are much more than just collections of objects: there are yoga classes and art projects to participate in, dance lessons, guided tours and much more, including for children.

A mother and child look at the Wadden Sea exhibit at the Oldenburg National Museum of Nature and Men.

Because Oldenburg also thinks of little guests, and of course not only when it rains. Something is always happening somewhere – just go to a museum’s website or the calendar of events and see what’s on offer.

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