The best weeks to go on vacation

The best weeks to go on vacation

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Vacation 2022: The best weeks to go on vacation

Most travelers want to relax on vacation. This works especially well when there are no school holidays. This overview reveals which moments you should choose for a relaxing break.


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Do you dream of lying on a distant beach and being able to listen to the sound of the waves without being disturbed? So you should be as flexible as possible and take your vacation this year when families with school-aged children need to stay at home. The finca broker has determined which gaps will appear in the holiday calendar in 2022.

Winter vacations: no federal state has vacations during these weeks

If you want to go on vacation this winter away from the big waves of travel, you have to be very spontaneous. Because the best time for leisurely travel starts on January 10 and ends on January 27. According to, not a single federal state has school holidays during these weeks. If you need a little more time to get started and expect the first signs of spring when traveling to Europe, you can also use the last two weeks of March for a vacation – even then the vacation rate in Germany is zero.

Undisturbed swimming is also possible in Mallorca at the beach in the town of Es Trenc at certain times of the year.

Spring holidays after Easter and Pentecost are ideal

Shortly after, right after the Easter holidays, another suitable time window opens: According to the finca broker, vacationers can use the period from April 25 to May 22 for a leisurely trip. Even after the Pentecost holiday, which runs from late May to mid-June, there is a small gap between June 20 and June 26.

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Summer holidays: These weeks are ideal in the second half of the year

In summer, it is particularly difficult to avoid a slowdown in travel, as school holidays at this time of year start on June 27 in the first Länder and end on September 12 in some. If you still want to travel during these weeks, according to, you need to book your vacation either for the first half of July or for the first half of September. Then there would be vacations in less than 50 percent of the federal states. The most inappropriate week for summer vacation is the first week of August – as all schools are closed by then.

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Certain weeks of the year, Cala Marçal in the east of Mallorca is deserted.

Autumn and winter holidays 2022: No holidays in Germany until November

Since fall vacation in some federal states is already starting while summer vacation draws to an end in others, the last gap in the 2022 vacation schedule will not open until after the first week of November. . However, this can then be used for a longer vacation. Because there are six weeks between the last day of autumn and the first day of Christmas vacation.

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