This is what you need for a snow adventure

This is what you need for a snow adventure

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It glows white on the ground, the trees and the roofs: the snow is currently transforming many parts of Germany into a beautiful winter landscape. Tobogganing and building a snowman – this is the first thing that comes to mind for many day trippers. Are you looking for a change? Then have a picnic in the snow.

Because eating out is not only a delicious experience in summer, only the equipment is different. We’ll tell you what you need for a family snow picnic, alternatives to building a snowman, and what to watch out for.

This food is suitable for a picnic in the snow

While cold food is usually put in the picnic basket in the summer, it is hot food and a few cold snacks in the winter. To warm up after the toboggan, you can use cocoa, tea, coffee, punch or a delicious soup. You can simply pour potato, leek or lentil soup into a thermos, pizza sticks spice up the soup.

With the thermal bowls, you can also keep the sausages warm during the cold winter so that you can enjoy a hot dog after hiking in the snow. Breads, sauces, and side dishes such as onions and pickles are in good hands in normal food storage containers. Those who prefer something noble can pack champagne, spicy bread, caviar, salmon slices or tuna cream sandwiches.

Soups and hot drinks will warm you up during your picnic in the snow.

In addition, a sweet refreshment should not be missing: waffles, pockets of cottage cheese, walnut wedges, apple strudel or just delicious cookies, for example. You can serve the delicacies on a cardboard, reusable plastic or bamboo plate.

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You should bring this equipment for your snow picnic

In addition to eating, your gear is extremely important for a snow picnic. Anyone with a cooler bag has a head start – because this way hot drinks and food stay hot longer than in a normal backpack.

Of course, warm and waterproof clothing is essential, a ski suit would be ideal. If you don’t have one, you can rely on the onion principle. This means that you put several layers of clothing of different thicknesses and materials on top of each other to keep you warm. A cozy fleece blanket provides extra warmth, as does a hot water bottle and hand warmer.

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As in summer, you can also put a waterproof blanket on the ground in winter. Alternatively, a sled is not only ideal for sledding, but also serves as a practical bench. With a sheepskin on top, you sit particularly soft. Building a snowman or igloo makes shoveling easier. So take at least one shovel with you to make the building process easier.

Having fun in the snow – alternatives to building a snowman

Making snow angels, building a snowman, sledding and having a snowball fight – these are the classic activities of a trip in the snow. But instead of a snowman, how about building some beautiful snow furniture for you and your family or using snow monsters as an alternative? You can also conjure up real artwork and graffiti with water and food coloring. All you need is a spray bottle – and off you go.

Adventurers can also search for footprints and track a rabbit, deer, or other native animals. A round of golf on snow also offers variety. Small boxes or cups buried in the snow serve as holes. If you don’t have a golf club, you can try to hit the hole by throwing it.

Building a snowman is fun. But there are also many alternatives.

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Find the right place for the winter picnic

You don’t have to travel far for a picnic in the snow. Find a nice spot in a nearby wooded area, by a lake or in a meadow near you, where you can stretch out. Alternatively, you can also use your own garden. Because nothing spoils the mood more than a drive to a winter sports area, where you stay in a traffic jam for hours and then have to search for a spot among hundreds of day trippers. This also applies regardless of the Corona Pademie. Plus, the equipment is a bit more extensive – so you don’t have to carry it that far.

Find a place near you for your picnic. A lake or a meadow, for example.

So, once you’ve found a suitable spot, your snow picnic can begin. But choose the location carefully – after all, a trip in the snow can be dangerous due to falling branches and pieces of snow or ice. Therefore, you should also pay attention to warnings from local authorities and rather not set up your picnic area directly under a tree.

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