Top 10 Best Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna in 2020

An outdoor omnidirectional antenna is best used to receive broadcast signals from all directions.

These types of antenna are unique as they are designed in such a manner that with minimal effort, it makes setup and TV experience enjoyable.

Both indoor and outdoor omnidirectional antenna works on the same principals, and the indoor omnidirectional antenna is best used in places where there is space constraint.

Usually, these types of antenna are used in Attic, near the window, or behind the TV set. In contrast, an outdoor omnidirectional antenna is best used for long-range coverage.

best outdoor omnidrectional antenna tv

In this following post, I will highlight the top 10 best outdoor omnidirectional antenna in 2020 that is currently available in the market, as well as their features in detail that you should know before purchasing.

Included in this post is a detailed, informative guide on things to consider before selecting the best outdoor omnidirectional antenna to purchase.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna in 2020

GE’s Pro Attic Mount Omnidirectional TV Antenna

Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna

The first omnidirectional antenna in our list is from GE’s Pro Attic Mount, GE is no.# one antenna brand which offers excellent quality antenna for users who want to experience free TV channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX and many more or just want to replace their satellite or cable TV.

GE’s Pro Attic Mount offers video and sound quality in full HD setup and works flawlessly over both UHF and VHF signals.

The build quality of the antenna is superb and comes with long-range support. GE’s Pro Attic Mount Omnidirectional TV antenna is capable of catching broadcast signals located as far as 70 miles.

The easy to install setup option makes installing and configuring the antenna a breeze.

The manufacturer ships the attic mount antenna with all require components like mounting bracket, mast clamp, J-mount, and a user guide.

After installing the antenna, the user needs to run a channel scan to search and find high quality free to air channels.


  • Robust build quality
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to Install
  • Pricing
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Range coverage

Why It’s Recommended

GE is known for its high-quality antenna’s, and because this omnidirectional antenna comes from GE, the quality in terms of build, installation, and support would be excellent.

The overall quality of GE attic antennas makes this antenna stands out of the crowd and makes this antenna in our top 10 best outdoor omnidirectional antenna in 2020.

Vansky Outdoor TV Antenna

Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna

Vansky outdoor omnidirectional antenna is a blockbuster antenna of 2020; the pricing and features make this antenna stand out of the rest.

Vansky antenna offers HD quality pictures and sounds and can receive signals as far as the 150-mile range.

The high gain HD antenna captures TV signals under UHF and VHF frequency.

The working range for VHF is 40~300MHz, and for UHF 470~890 MHz, the in-built amplifier boosts the weak signal and improves the viewing experience.

Also, a total of 2 TVs can connect to this antenna without using any splitter.

The super low noise amplifier with a wireless remote controller makes this outdoor antenna stand out of the rest; the inbuilt 360-degree motor rotor makes the antenna adjustment a breeze. anti-UV coating, water, and heat resistant make the product durable.

Vansky outdoor antenna box comes with wireless remote, power supply adapter, 33 ft RG 6 coaxial cable, user guide, and 2 yr. warranty.


  • Supports too very low UHF & VHF frequency
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy Installation


  • Performance of the rotating motor could be better

Why It’s Recommended

Vansky outdoor antenna designed by keeping in mind the customer requirement these days.

The ability to pick low lying UHF and VHF signals makes this product an excellent buy.

The long-range of 100-150 miles is another feather in Vansky, which makes the product best out of the rest.

RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna

Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna

RCA Yagi Satellite outdoor omnidirectional antenna is another masterpiece available in the market since a long time, due to its build quality and features we have added this antenna in our top 10 best outdoor omnidirectional antenna in 2020 list.

This yagi antenna provides coverage over 70 miles in range, and it can be installed outside on the roof or in Attic.

The brand is well known for its high-quality product that comes with a reasonable price and excellent performance.

Yagi satellite support broadcast signal from 1080 HDTV, 4K, and 8K on both UHF and VHF stations.

Watching free to air channels like CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and many more without worrying for any cable bills or subscription.

The installation process is quick and straightforward as it comes with snap-lock elements with pre-assemble design and easy lock-fold-out reflector that makes the setup easy.

RCA outdoor Yagi satellite HD Antenna works flawlessly indoor or in Attic as well, all thanks to its durable construction and material use.


  • Easy to install
  • Supports 8K resolution
  • Pre-assembled


  • Single TV support

Why It’s Recommended

RCA outdoor Yagi supports frequency up to 8K, and hence if a user wants to view 8K content, then this omnidirectional antenna would be a great buy.

PingBingding HDTV Antenna

PingBingding Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna

PingBingding is a bestseller outdoor omnidirectional antenna available on Amazon. The product offers a long range of 150 miles and comes with a snap-on installation feature.

The antenna supports dual TV outputs running under Full HDTV resolution (4k, 1080p, 1080i and 720p) picture settings.

This antenna can be used on 2 TVs at the same time without using any splitter. It comes with easy to follow installation guide, and that makes the installation process easy.

Just like any other outdoor antenna PingBingding HDTV also offers a wireless remote controller that makes setup easy, with its 360-degree motor rotor, the antenna can be controlled in a much better way.

Due to its super high gain and low noise amplifier, the reception of signals over 40 ft RG 6 coaxial cable makes a good move over another antenna which doesn’t offer the super high gain feature.

The company provides PingBingding outdoor antenna with a wireless remote, mounting pole, 40 ft RG 6 coaxial cable, 1-year guarantee, and easy to reach support.


  • Super High Gain antenna
  • Dual TVs output support
  • Long RG 6 Coaxial cable


  • TV box design

Why it’s recommended

PingBingding outdoor antenna is best in class in terms of long-range broadcast signal coverage; users who are looking for a long-range antenna with easy to reach support can go for this antenna.

Lava OmniPro HD8008

LAVA HD-8008

Lava OmniPro HD8008 being omnidirectional in design it receives a broadcast signal from all directions.

It is built using a 360-degree dipole principle; hence it makes UHF and VHF signal reception without making any adjustments.

The antenna is capable of receiving signals up to 130 miles based on the surrounding condition. It receives signals on DVB-T; ISDB-T; DMB-T/H; ATSC band and can also get FM reception.

The build and design quality make this antenna sturdy with its minimum interface shield that blocks unwanted radio signals.

Lava OmniPro HD8008 comes with an anti-UV coating and waterproof design that makes the device durable.

The product comes with installation kit and packages that include one 40 ft coax cable, one 4-way splitter, 15 cable clips, wall mount & brackets, and user guide.

The connector provided in the box helps to connect to 4 TVs.


  • Dipole design
  • Long-range
  • Durability
  • HDTV 4K support


  • Antenna design could have been better

Why It’s Recommended

Because of the design, this outdoor omnidirectional antenna doesn’t require much effort while installing and searching channels.

It receives signals from east, west, north, and south at the same time, so in whichever direction the broadcast signal is available, it will be able to capture using its high gain antenna.

McDuory WA-2608 Outdoor HDTV Antenna

McDuory outdoor antenna

McDuory WA-2608 outdoor omnidirectional antenna offers long-range support – 150 miles in 720p and 1080p resolution.

The device is capable of working in VHF 170~230 MHz and 470~86 MHz frequency range.

It provides a tool-free installation using snap-on elements technology. It offers support for 2 TVs that can be used at the same time without a splitter—the infrared remote controller to control the automatic rotor and 40 ft.

Coaxial cable with the package completes the setup. McDuory WA-2608 is one of the best long-range outdoor antennas to receive very low strength UHF, VHF or FM signals.

McDuory outdoor antenna comes with anti-UV, weather-resistant, and compressive warranty.

The one-year warranty support with 45 days money back feature makes this product stand out of the rest.

To get clear reception of the broadcast signal, it is advised to install the antenna at a suitable location.

It can be controlled using the wireless remote controller to configure the antenna for free to air channels.


  • Powerful long-range
  • Easy to install
  • 40 ft. coaxial cable


  • Rotor motor could have been better

Why It’s Required

MacDuory antenna is ideal for users who are staying very far from a broadcast station, and it solves the problem of low-quality signals with ease.

It is a must-buy for those individuals who are planning to ditch their cable or satellite TV.

Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 TV Antenna

Antennas Direct Clearstream

Antennas Direct Clearstream works great with 70+ mile range, the multi-directional design of the antenna boosts the signal reception.

The antenna can be installed indoor, outdoor, or in Attic based on the requirement. Due to its unique design we have added this antenna in our top 10 best outdoor omnidirectional antenna in 2020 list.

The antenna is available in 3 styles – 35+ Miles, 70+ Miles, and Antenna + Mount package, based on the user requirement they can pick their combination.

Also, the antenna being multi-directional, it delivers long-range support with an excellent picture, and sound quality thus improves the viewing experience.

Free TV channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS, Univision, MeTV, and more can be watched in Full HD 1080 where ever the signals are available.

The device is 4K ready; hence all channels available in 4K quality can also be observed on this.

The box comes with clear stream four antennae, mounting cable, sealing pads, hardware, 20 in mount, and instructions.

Coaxial cable is not provided in the box and can be purchased separately.


  • Excellent reception at 70+ Miles range
  • 4K Ready
  • Multi-directional antenna


  • Coaxial cable is not provided in the box

Why It’s Required

Antennas Direct Clearstream is one of the best outdoor antennae available for 75+ Miles range. This product is easy to install and to configure.

ANTOP AT-415B Dual OmniDirectional


ANTOP is another top brand available in the market that offers outdoor long-range antenna. ANTOP AT-415B stands out of the rest due to its unique design and features; this outdoor omnidirectional antenna can be used on an attic, RV, or can be fit outdoor.

The smart pass amplifier and 4G LTE filter help to blocks 3G, 4G radio waves & distortion noise and improves TV broadcast signal using its UFO dual omnidirectional antenna. ANTOP AT-415B offers coverage up to 720 degrees -360 degree vertical and 360 degrees horizontal in Full HD resolution.

This ANTOP omnidirectional TV antenna comes with aesthetically clean design; it is lightweight and offers tool-free and easy installation using minimum effort.

The product comes with 33 ft. Coaxial cable, AT-415B UFO dual-Omni smart pass amplified outdoor HDTV antenna, AC/DC power adapter, power inserter with smart switch, outdoor bracket, mast clamp kit, vertical antenna rod, screw & anchor kit, and user manual.


  • Build quality
  • Stylish
  • Value for money


  • Cost

Why It’s Required

AT-415B UFO dual-Omni smart pass amplified outdoor HDTV antenna is recommended to the user who is looking for a stylish yet powerful antenna that they want to set up in Attic, RV, or install it outdoor.

1byone Omni-Directional TV Antenna

1byone omnidirectional reception TV antenna

This is yet another outdoor omnidirectional antenna from 1byone. It can be used at home, on an RV, Attic, or can be used on a boat.

By default, it is capable of receiving TV signals up to 150 miles away from the broadcasting station, the long-range of the antenna makes it an ideal choice for boats and rural areas.

The 1byone new concept amplified omnidirectional tv antenna set at 720-degree picks TV signals from all directions, and it doesn’t require rotating the device or pointing the antenna at a specific angle.

The built-in amplifier and 4G filter remove signal noise and improve the TV signal reception. As the amplifier removes the distortion, it enhances the quality of the Free-To-Air channel received by the antenna and thus ensures the coverage extension.

The antenna can receive signals up to 4K over very weak UHF or VHF and can also be used to access FM radio stations.

The unique feature of FM radio makes this antenna in our top 10 best outdoor omnidirectional antenna in 2020 list.

The device box contains antenna with a built-in amplifier, power supply box, power adapter 12v 200 ma, mounting clamp two sets, mounting crews four sets, 32 ft.coaxial cables with the waterproof kit, five ft.coaxial wires from the power box to TV and instruction manual.

1byone TV antenna comes with two years of customer service and offers a 90-day full refund.

The full refund and 2 yrs. Support talks more about their product quality and confidence in it.


  • Compact Design
  • 4K Ready
  • Easy to Install
  • 2 Yrs. warranty


  • Price

Why It’s Recommended

1byone 720°Omni-Directional Outdoor TV Antenna designed for users who are staying very far from the line of sight and is looking for decent, small yet smart device to access all free to air signals. This omnidirectional antenna can be best used in an RV or on a marine up where space matters a lot

Five Star Outdoor Amplified Antenna

Fivestar Oudoor AMplified Antenna 200 Miles-min

Five Star outdoor antenna is the newly launched most powerful outdoor antenna available in the market yet. It is a long-range antenna capable of handling 5TV’s running simultaneously with a signal broadcast station situated as far as 200 miles.

The TV controller box is built on the newly launch intelligent cheap that brings in features like high gain booster and 4G filter. It can provide a high-resolution signal in 4K, 1080p,1080i,720p for local FREE channels, local news, sports programs, weather.

It works in 40-230 MHz VHF and 470-860 UHF frequency range and delivers quality reception on 5 TVs connected by a splitter. 2020 Five Star Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna also supports FM Radio broadcasting.

The 6-reflector used in the antenna improves the picture and sound quality by a margin of 50% and makes TV experience more enjoyable.

The durable built quality prevents the device from any type of damages like sun or wind damage.

As it is an outdoor antenna, it can be rotated in 360-degree using the wireless infrared remote controller and thus help to capture more free to air channels available in the range.

The installation package comes with Five Star Antenna, 40 ft.coax cable,4-way splitter to watch 4 TV’s, 15 pcs cable clips and J Pole.


  • 5 TV support
  • Build quality
  • Easy Setup


  • User Guide could have been more detailed

Why It’s Recommended

This 2020 Five Star Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna is a great buy for individuals who are staying very far from any broadcasting station.

The device works like a charm with-its a long-range antenna that is capable of handling TV signals located as far as 200 miles.

What Types of Omnidirectional Antennas are There?

There are several types of omnidirectional antenna available in the market. The choice to pick the best out of rest depends upon the requirement.

Indoor Antenna:

These are small devices that are installed inside the house, place it near a window or behind the TV set. Ideal for users who are looking for a low range antenna, the maximum range of indoor antenna can be 50 miles.

It is an indoor DIY omnidirectional TV antenna that requires very little support to configure and setup.

Outdoor Antenna:

Outdoor antennas are mounted at least 5 ft. Above ground, the height of installing an outside antenna depends upon the TV broadcast range.

For rural areas, those are surrounded by trees, mountains, and or a valley can use an outdoor omnidirectional antenna to get good signal reception.

The maximum range available in the outside antenna is about 200 miles.


Amplified antenna are such omnidirectional antennas that are designed to boost the signal gain to strengthen the TV reception.

These types of amplified antennas come with filter techniques like a 4G filter, which is used to remove noise or signal distortion and improves the signal reception; it also boosts the VHF or UHF antenna signal strength.

Amplified antennas are available for both indoor and outdoor omnidirectional, and the user can pick based on their requirement. Amplified outdoor would be the best buy for rural areas.

Important Advice Before Making Purchase:

User is advised to pick the correct antenna only after analyzing several channels available in their area; what would be an ideal range of the antenna, they need to get those free to air channels.

It is advised to use sites like FCC website, TV Fool, or Antenna web to find the over to air free channels available from local TV broadcaster by putting in their address or zip code.

Once the user is satisfied with the number of available channels that they will get from a local television broadcaster, after that, they can pick the type of antenna (indoor, outdoor, or amplified) depends upon the requirement.

Few antennas offer connectivity for 5 TVs using a single outdoor antenna, and the user should also keep in mind the number of TV’s on which they want to stream free to air channels.

Top-Rated Brands

There are many vendors available in the market who sell antenna of different quality and price.

The top brands that are active in the market for a long time are GE, Lava, Antop, and 1byOne, and they manufacture durable products that last for long and also value for money.

This brand makes our top 10 best outdoor omnidirectional antenna in 2020 complete.

What’re the Best Accessories for Omnidirectional Antennas?

Few brands don’t provide the complete installation kit with the antenna set up; below are the required items that one needs to install an outdoor antenna.

  1. Coaxial cable: Coaxial cables are used to connect the outdoor antenna to the TV using a splitter and TV box. In some cases, coaxial cable available in the box is not enough then it is advised to buy them separately. Here is a link for top-rated coaxial cable brands.
  2. Mounting Pole: Manufacturer usually provides a mounting pole, but in some cases, the post supplied is small and doesn’t fit properly. In such a scenario user may have to purchase the mounting position separately if the manufacturer does not replace the shipped pole. Here is the link for top-rated Mounting Pole available in the market.


Buying an outdoor omnidirectional antenna would be the best option for users who are planning to move over from cable and satellite networks and remove the prohibitively expensive fees, which go up to $ 1000 per year in some cases.

In this post we have covered the top 10 best outdoor omnidirectional antenna in 2020.

Users can purchase by going through their requirements and after reading through the reviews before making the decision using the above links.


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