Transition days 2022 – use vacations and holidays and have as much free time as possible

Transition days 2022 use vacations and holidays and have

Such an extra portion of a vacation can’t hurt – especially after travel planning has been difficult again this year due to the pandemic. If you want to give yourself as many and long breaks as possible in 2022, you should pull out your calendar now and check the transition days in 2022. Because if you use them wisely, you can get up to 57 free days. ‘next year.

What are the holidays in 2022?

The bad news up front: it looked better when it came to the holidays. Also in 2022, some of them will fall on a weekend. In these cases, there are no transition days. However, things are already looking much better than in 2021, when Christmas, New Years, German Unity Day, and Reformation Day all fell on a Saturday or Sunday.

Our long-term calendar shows how you can plan smartly and get the most out of your vacation in 2022.

The long-term planner travel reporter for 2022

Here’s how the planner works: Select the German Federal State in which you live and work. The table then automatically tells you which holidays with transition days and how you can use them to ensure you have a few consecutive days off throughout the year.

Even if the theoretically possible bridge days in 2022 are sometimes quite unfavorable and are swallowed up by weekends, employees still have many possibilities to intelligently take advantage of other holidays. We will explain once more how it is done.

Epiphany in January

Those who live in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria or Saxony-Anhalt are in luck: the Three Kings are a public holiday there – January 6, 2022 is a Thursday. And those who take vacations around the holiday even have nine consecutive days off with the New Year.

Holiday request on the three kings in 2022:

Submit vacation: January 3 to 5 and January 7 Vacation days: 4 days off: 9 (January 1 to 9) Alternative: only submit January 7 vacation and have four days off

March: International Women’s Day

Those who live in Berlin have an extra day: International Women’s Day on March 8. Anyone who invests four days of vacation here is freeing themselves up for nine consecutive days.

Request a leave of absence for Women’s Day in 2022:

Submit vacation: March 7 and March 9 to 11 Vacation days: 4 days off: 9 (March 5 to 13) Alternative: submit vacation on March 7 only and have four days off

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Easter in April: 8 vacation days, 22 days off

Two weeks of vacation around Easter – a dream for many employees. And this is also possible in 2022 around Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. So you can almost triple the holidays.

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Applying for Easter leave in 2022:

Submit vacation: April 11-14 and April 19-22 Vacation days: 8 Days off: 22 (April 9 to April 24)

Bridge days in May: public holidays on Ascension Day

In May there are two public holidays, Labor Day (May 1) and Ascension Day (May 26). Unfortunately May 1 falls on a Sunday, but Germans can use Ascension Day. We’ll show you how to get the most consecutive days off.

Request time off on Ascension Day in 2022:

Submit Vacation: May 14-21 Vacation Days: 6 Vacation Days: 12 (May 13-24)

If you only want to use Pentecost, there are at least nine consecutive days off if you submit a vacation from May 25 to 28. You then sacrifice four days of vacation for that.

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June: Use Pentecost and Corpus Christi

Ascension Day follows Pentecost: in 2022, this national holiday falls on Pentecost Monday on June 6. That way, employees can at least afford a week off.

Request a holiday at Pentecost in 2022:

Submit vacation: June 7-10 Vacation days: 4 vacation days: 9 (June 4-12)

If you live in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate or Saarland, you can also use Corpus Christi. The holiday falls on June 16 in 2022 and is, as always, a Thursday – the classic in the long run!

Request for leave in Corpus Christi in 2022:

Submit vacation: June 17 Vacation days: 1 Free days: 4 (June 16-19)

August: Assumption of Mary

Do you live in Bavaria or the Saar? So you are in luck and can DIY nine days off while enjoying the feast of the Assumption.

Request leave on Assumption Day in 2022:

Submit vacation: August 16 to 19 Vacation days: 4 days off: 9 (August 13 to 21)

The residents of Augsburg have an added share of luck: they celebrate the Augsburg Peace Festival on August 8 and have an extra day off.

September: World Children’s Day in Thuringia

Thuringia celebrates World Children’s Day on September 20 – it has been a public holiday in the state since 2019. In 2022 it falls on a Tuesday, including classic bridge day on Monday. Hello long weekend!

Request time off for World Children’s Day in 2022:

Submit vacation: September 19 Vacation days: 1 Free days: 4 (September 17 to 20)

October: Take advantage of German Unity and Reformation Day

Last year it looked poor when it came to holidays – German Unity Day and Reform Day fell on weekends. The outlook for 2022 is more optimistic, with both falling on a Monday! All the Länder benefit from the Day of German Unity. Almost half of the federal states missed Reformation Day, and it is not celebrated everywhere.

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Request leave on German Unity Day in 2022:

Submit vacation: October 4-7 Vacation days: 4 days off: October 9 (October 1-9)

Request time off on Reform Day in 2022:

Submit vacation: November 1-4 Vacation days: 4 days off: 9 (October 29 to November 6)

All Saints Day in November

The weather becomes cloudy again, the last leaves have fallen from the trees. It is good to relax with a few more breaks. This will work quite well in 2022. Federal states in which All Saints ‘Day is not Reformation Day (October 31), but All Saints’ Day, have the potential for transition days from the start of the month: an entire week of vacation is possible.

Request a holiday on All Saints’ Day in 2022:

Submit vacation: October 31 and November 2-4 Vacation days: 4 days off: 9 (October 29 to November 6)

Those who live in Saxony also have the day of repentance and prayer (November 16) as a public holiday. It’s a Wednesday in 2022. Those who take two vacation days have five days off from November 16 to 20.

Enjoy Christmas and New Year 2022

In 2021, Christmas and New Years Eve fell on weekends. In 2022, Christmas Day falls on a Monday, so employees can have a little more free time during their vacation.

Submit vacation: December 27 to 30 Vacation days: 4 days off: 9 (December 24, 2022 to January 1, 2023)

Bavaria has the most public holidays

In a comparison of the Länder, Bavaria can make the most of the transition days, as there are 15 out of 20 German public holidays in the state. Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg and Saar come next, each with 13 public holidays.

Apart from Brandenburg, these four Länder can make the most of the transition days in 2022: with 26 vacation days, employees can take 60 days off there, Travelcircus has calculated. In Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, 25 vacation days can become 56 vacation days in 2022.

Those who work in Saxony turn 23 vacation days into 52 vacation days. In North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate you can enjoy 51 free days with 20 vacation days. In six Länder, 21 vacation days can be transformed into 47 vacation days: Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Schleswig-Holstein, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg. Those who work in Hesse are left behind: those who submit 18 vacation days can still get a maximum of 42 free days thanks to the transition days.

Brückentage Planner 2022 for download as a PDF calendar

Do you want to be able to use the 2022 Bridge Day Planner offline? You can download our handy overview in PDF format here:

Overview of transition days in 2022.

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