Which credit card for your trip? reisereporter.de

Which credit card for your trip reisereporterde

As long as you have an EC card in Germany, you can easily shop anywhere. A credit card is not yet compulsory in this country. However, abroad – and especially when traveling – a credit card can make a lot easier. Here you can find out more about the different credit card offers!

In the following article, we’ll introduce you to four credit cards that make paying on vacation a whole lot easier. This is especially true when traveling to countries outside of Europe. With a credit card, you can not only pay very easily, you also save money withdrawal fees and you also have insurance.

Die Barclaycard Visa

The Barclaycard Visa is exactly the right one for all shopping and travel fans who like flexibility: according to the motto “buy now, pay later”, you can easily determine your account balance yourself! Thanks to the installment purchase, you can easily make your purchases, invoices and transfers from 95 euros anytime and anywhere yourself – super easy in the Barclay app! This is even possible retrospectively for up to 56 days.

In addition to other perks such as an annual fee of EUR 0 and free cash withdrawals and credit card payments abroad, you currently receive a starting credit of EUR 50 when applying for a card. credit (only valid for new customers)!

By the way, you can also apply for this credit card from home without any problems: simply identify it securely and paperlessly using video ID – and thus conclude the contract digitally!

Die Barclaycard Platinum

If you travel a lot, you should definitely take a closer look at the Barclaycard Platinum Double offer. There are no annual fees or charges for cash withdrawals and you also get a large insurance package. However, the credit card is only free for the first year. In addition, Barclaycard offers you a few other credit cards which may be of interest to you. This is, for example, the Eurowings Gold credit card or the Eurowings Classic credit card. In principle, the cards are similar, but do not offer the same insurance benefits. The Platinum Double is a premium card whose advantages are already comparable to the American Express Platinum Card.

The big difference with other premium cards is that you cannot earn points or miles with Barclay. Because here, there are other points which are at the center of the services. Here you can expect services which can be of great benefit to you, especially when traveling. The most important points are that you can withdraw money for free anywhere abroad and also in Germany. Payments made in foreign currencies or euros are also free for you as the card user! You can also expect many insurance benefits for your home and vacation.

The DKB Visa credit card

When opening a postal account (0.99 euros / month (existing customers can keep their postcard free of charge) at the DKB, you get a Visa credit card (2.49 euros / month). Visa credit card of the DKB has many advantages: In addition With free cash withdrawals from ATMs around the world and free of charge in the app or in the form of annual account management fees, you can withdraw from money with this credit card in selected stores such as LIDL, REWE and Co. in stationary retail at no cost These benefits only apply to new and active customers You are an active customer at DKB if you have a monthly payment of 700 euros in your current account. However, when you open an account, you are automatically defined as an active customer for one year.
Another practical advantage of the credit card is that it allows contactless payments. You can pay up to 25 euros quickly and easily without a PIN code or signature, which shortens time-consuming payment processes.

Credit card purchases

Die Visa World Card

The Visa World Card offers its users a number of advantages. Two of them are definitely that you can use it to withdraw money for free and that the card is free in the long run. However, there are a few other reasons in favor of the Visa World Card.

When using it, however, it should be noted that the free money can only be withdrawn from ATMs abroad. And only in Europe. The reimbursement is very simple and flexible, the invoicing is done monthly. To do this, the amount that was used during the last billing period is simply debited from the account on file. It is not necessary to make a transfer. This way, you are not embarrassed about having to pay interest because you forgot to transfer the money and you are in arrears with your payment.

You are not required to open a new current account when applying for a Visa card. And if you book with Urlaubsplus GmbH, you will benefit from additional discounts. Insurance is also included for internet purchases if the ordered goods are not delivered. If this happens, you will recover the cost of your order.

The Santander Consumer Bank 1Plus visa

There is also no charge for the Santander 1Plus Visa if you pay with the card abroad. In addition, these do not apply to cash withdrawals abroad. However, withdrawals are limited to 300 euros per day. If fees are charged by the machine suppliers, you will receive them back on request. Again, there is no annual fee and it doesn’t matter whether you use the card or not. If you wish, you will receive a free additional card for your partner.

If you pay your fuel bills with the Visa 1Plus card, you get a 1% fuel discount each month up to a petrol station turnover of 400 euros. Here, however, it doesn’t just matter when you refuel, but also when you shop at the gas station. The initial credit limit granted to you is 2,000 euros. However, after six months you can increase it.

American Express

In America, Amex is one of the three largest credit card companies and is also represented in Germany. One of the main differences from Visa or Mastercard is that you can’t just apply for American Express through your home bank. You have to apply for the Amex from the company yourself, but it gives you direct contact with the supplier and good support. The American Express credit card also offers other advantages.

As a Platinum cardholder, you have the option of asking employees to give you special gifts or receive concert tickets for events that have long been sold out. For this, however, you also pay an annual membership fee of 600 euros. American Express Gold Card and Payback credit card are also offered. Here, too, you can count on a competent contact person and short channels for problems or questions. In addition, the American Express card has a very high priority among the types of credit cards.
Depending on the type of card, you can expect additional services such as finding a lawyer, purchasing medication, or finding an interpreter. As soon as an irregularity can be identified, the card is blocked by the company so that there is no major damage. There are also special credit cards for entrepreneurs and their employees.

It talks about the credit card while on vacation

The credit card gives you many options for your vacation and even more benefits. Depending on the card, you can withdraw money for free anywhere or use the card as a free payment method. It’s also safer to only take a credit card with you on vacation instead of a lot of cash. If the card is stolen, you can have it blocked immediately. The money is gone forever. To block, you can use the emergency number 116, which you can also reach from abroad. If you lose your card, you will receive additional service from some providers with a replacement card or emergency cash, which will be delivered by courier if the worst happens.

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