Why the address cannot be on the baggage tag

Why the address cannot be on the baggage tag


Luggage tag: why the address can’t be on it

Many travelers have an address label on their suitcase – in case the suitcase gets lost. But this carries a great risk. We reveal what belongs on the baggage tag instead of the private address.

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A luggage tag on the suitcase is usually not a bad idea. This facilitates the return of the suitcase in the event of loss on the journey from airport to airport. However, the private address should never be on the sign, experts warn against this. Because there is a great risk here: if the suitcase falls into the wrong hands, it becomes an invitation to burglars.

Why the address on the luggage tag can be dangerous

Because the information reveals which houses and apartments may be vacant at the moment. After all, the owner of the suitcase calmly sits on the plane and goes on vacation.

Once the thief knows where you live and that you are on vacation, it is an invitation for him to break into your home. But even if your suitcase isn’t stolen, everyone at the airport can see your address. There should also be travelers who write a friend’s address on the sign instead of their own address. The problem remains the same.

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What belongs on the baggage tag instead of the address

Therefore, travelers should check what is on the suitcase trailer before their next vacation. Instead of the private address, for example, the phone number can be listed there – or a business card with the business address can be attached to the trailer.

Tip: in case of loss of the suitcase, it is useful to have a photo of it. In addition, travelers can note the dimensions of the suitcase – for example in an online document. In case of loss, travelers can present the photo and document at the destination airport. Even if you don’t speak the language, the suitcase can now be found.

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